Your 1st Deal Gives You a Competitive Edge

If you’ve ever been without a job, or tried to break into a new market, you know that the first question asked is: “What’s your experience?” It’s a relevant question to be sure, but for the novice trying to succeed, it’s incredibly frustrating. How are you supposed to get experience if no one will give you the time of day or the ability to “get experience,” right?

I’ve been there. When I jumped head first into the deep end of real estate, I had no money, no experience, and no credit. All I had was the shirt on my back, a job as a bagger at a local grocer, and some serious ambition and gumption. I went to banks, family, friends of family, and finally co-workers to get funding for my first real estate deal. To many people, this zit-faced, gawky, first-year college student was a far cry from a seasoned investor and no one would give me, or my dreams, the time of day. But the fact is, I never gave up and one of my last resorts, the pharmacist at the grocer, finally gave me a shot—the cash to begin my investing career. And that’s all YOU need—a good deal and some cash.

Unfortunately, most people can only handle 1 to 2 rejections before they throw in the towel. They can only give it so long before they feel dejected and frustrated and move on to another “money-making” venture. Yet, I’m here to say that…

YOU Have More Options!

The difference between me back then and you now is that you actually have more options than I did. You have access to funding, which gives you the necessary break that you need to finally shatter the glass ceiling separating you from your real estate goals. AND now it’s easier for you! We’re offering you FREE access to our eBook and video training,7 Steps to the No Money Down Deal: 100% Financing in Today’s Market.

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We’ve had many new investors who couldn’t get an audience elsewhere finally succeed with us. We’re proud that we can help so many people get the experience and partnerships necessary to enter the real estate race at a good clip. And now it’s your turn!

Your first successful deal the deal breaker It’s what will finally separate you from the “wanna-bes” and put your firmly in the “Real Estate Investor” camp. We’re here to help you cross that divide.

Your First Deal Starts Here!

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We’re ready to give you the chance you deserve and experience you need to get that extra edge on your competition.

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