The KEY to Success

Do this ONE thing, and you WILL be successful!

Successful people have one thing in common.


It isn’t background; it isn’t privilege; it isn’t demographic.

When you’re struggling in life, success can feel like a giant mystery. You start looking for it in any possible place, and sometimes in the wrong things altogether. But it isn’t a secret; success has been figured out.

Success boils down to singular decision and consistency in making that decision come true. What do I mean by that?

Well, let’s say you decide to be successful at flipping real estate (I know, it’s shocking that I would use that example), you may have people in your life who are eager to point out why it won’t work. Those voices may even come from inside you.

“Oh no, you won’t be successful at that!” they might say. “You don’t know the first thing about working with contractors or how to accurately price a house, let alone what price to buy at. And then there’s the money; it takes money to make money, and you don’t have any! I just don’t want you to get your hopes up!”

While the warnings of others tend to be laced with their own fears, we CAN NOT adopt those fears as our own.

Let me tell you, I’ve worked with thousands of people over my twenty-plus years doing this, and there isn’t a single skill, background, demographic, income level, or privilege in common among them all. So no matter what your excuse is or what you believe is holding you back, I’m here to tell you none of it matters.


The ONLY thing every single successful person I’ve ever worked with has in common is this: MINDSET.


They make it their JOB to learn what they need to learn; to HAVE, KNOW, or BE what they need.

Unsuccessful people have a dream. Then, they start thinking about what is going to be required to accomplish that dream, and when they become limited with their beliefs about themselves, they only see obstacles, not opportunities.

Unsuccessful people say, “I don’t know how to do that,” and then they stop.

Unsuccessful people say, “I don’t have the things I need,” so they stop.

Unsuccessful people say, “I’m not like that,” so they stop.

Successful people say, “I don’t know how to do that,” and then they make it their job to go LEARN how to do that. (They find education and training to LEARN how to flip houses!)

Successful people say, “I don’t have the things I need,” and then they make it their job to GET what they need. (They find a lender to provide them with financing.)

Successful people say, “I’m not like that,” and then they make it their job to BE like that. (They associate with the people they want to resemble.

The key to being successful is a consistent mindset of HOW can I have, know, or be what I need?


Successful people look at their current limitation and then take whatever is going to make them develop, and they put it on their agenda.

If you’re waiting for your circumstances to improve before YOU change, then you won’t ever get what you want in life. Don’t let anything outside of yourself determine how successful you are.

Don’t leave your success in the hands of other people or other things.

Take charge of your mindset to begin commanding what you want out of life! The key to success is your mindset. You decide if you’re going to succeed and then take consistent steps to make it happen.

I’ve had the privilege of working with one such dedicated individual. You may remember him from a previous blog <CLICK HERE TO READ IT!>

Lowel Yoder started his real estate business with nothing. After a failed business, family tragedy, and a final “Do or Die” decision, Lowel understood that he needed to change or his “nothing to lose” would become more real than he ever desired for his family.

Using fear as a motivator, Lowel made it his JOB to learn what he needed to know to make money using the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate. Where he once held a strong aversion to learning (and was a high school dropout), he now attributes it to his success.

“I spend 1 hour every day on my education. I read some heavy books because I love to learn. That’s how I’ve gotten to where I am today; I love to learn. Education is key to where I am. If I don’t start my day out with some sort of education, then I always feel like something is missing. I always encounter situations where I can think back and say ‘I learned about that, I know what to do.’ My advice is to keep your ears open and always learn.”

And he should know. Lowel made over $100,000 THIS WEEK!

The first was a house that he bought not long ago. For reasons he couldn’t articulate, it didn’t make sense to fix and flip this house. He had a gut-instinct not to do it, and he spoke with me to confirm that instinct. He then put it on the wholesale market, had an above-price offer within 24 hours, and had a check within 10 days for $33,082.60 from an all-cash buyer. With his education to lean on, Lowel went from being a leary about the house he’d just bought to having a check in 10 days!

The other, he got over 6 months ago. Even though he likes to flip them faster, Lowel kept up to date on on the changing demographics in the bedroom town outside of Salem. Knowing that Amazon is hiring thousands of people in the Salem area, Lowel knew that he only needed to bide his time for the snow to melt, even though he often wanted to sell it for less just to move it out of his portfolio. He purchased the property for $137,000, put about $10,000 into it, and sold it for over $221,000 with a profit of $68,841.09! If he didn’t have a thirst for learning, Lowel may not have known about Amazon’s hiring, may have wholesaled the house for a quick $10-20,000, and missed out.

Lowel started with nothing. Barely able to afford the education he knew he needed, “I wasn’t even a blip on Lee’s radar,” as he put it. Now, Lowel works one-on-one with me, and what an honor it’s been to be a part of Lowel’s journey.

What is one thing you need to LEARN, and how do you need help?

What is one thing you need to HAVE, and how do you need help getting it?

What is one thing you need to BE, and how do you need help being it?

Call us. We’ll help. 800-473-6051 

Make the choice to have, know, and be what you want, get plugged into the resources that will help you achieve those successes, and then TAKE IT! Take the success with both of your confident hands and never let it go.

I’m with you.

To Your Success;

Lee A. Arnold


The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

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