Better by Association

I’ve seen a lot of people who “kick the tires” around the internet. Looking for a quick and easy way to make money, these people seek a veritable “switch”–something they can set up and, like a light, turn on and quickly make passive income!

This type of money-making model doesn’t usually bring riches, sorry.

Even if you find a business model where you can jump in and hit a switch without doing any initial building, you still have to market, provide customer care, follow up and follow through, keep your books, etc. Even if it works to bring you short term, minimal success, it isn’t sustainable.

I can’t provide you with a “switch.” I can give you something better; long-term, viable, well-trained avenues for success.

And it will change your life!

If you want to make good money, have success in your business, or just be an overall better person, associate with people who make good money, have success in their business, and are overall better people.

It’s been said that you are an accumulation of the five people with whom you spend the most time.

And if you spend your time with great people, it’s the closest thing you can get to a “switch.” Turn on positive relationships and things will begin clicking into place for you!



First things first; figure out what you want in life.

Do you want:
– A higher income
– A successful business
– A steady habit of working out and eating right
– An abundance of alpacas?

If you evaluate the relationships in your life and adjust them according to your goals, you’ll reach them faster and with more accuracy. Walk alongside the people who have similar goals or have achieved them already. If you want to raise alpacas, it doesn’t help to stay in your condo at the beach; it behooves you to move to the country and learn from other alpaca ranchers.



Take a critical look at the people in your life. Who do you spend the most time with and what do their lives look like? Do they support and rally you toward a better future or are they always questioning your goals? After your interactions, are you energized and enthusiastic about moving forward or does all your energy seem to be sucked out leaving you tired and listless?

If you have relationships that are wearing you down, you’re fighting an uphill battle! If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t go out to dinner with the friend that pressures you into getting those chili cheese fries and hot fudge sundae so that they feel less guilty eating the same thing. If you have a coworker that drones on and on about their weekend activities and keeps you from doing your job, kindly dismiss yourself. If you have a friend that leaves you feeling like you just went through a dramatic episode of the Real Housewives, limit (or eliminate) that friendship.

It may seem cruel to cut people out of your life, especially if you’re used to spending time with them. But if you’re looking for a better life, you need to find better people.



Find those people in your life that have what you want. Spend time with people who make more money than you, and your earning potential will increase. Spend time with people who are in better shape than you, and you’ll find your motivation and behaviors will change.

First, look for those people amongst your current acquaintances. Invite them over for a meal, go to an event together, conveniently thrust yourself into their life.

Then, meet new people. There’s a reason I recommend attending four events a month in my RULE OF 56. Find people who are striving for the same things you are and run alongside them.



Because we’re all different, everyone’s opinion of what makes someone “good” varies. Do you crave healthy debates? Do you need constant support? Are you looking for more challenges to tackle in order to grow? Are you seeking a less stressful existence so you can focus on building a better future for your family?

You shouldn’t feel like you have to “keep up with the Joneses,” but you should push yourself for better.



Like attracts like. If you want to meet better people, take that first step and make choices that improve your life. You aren’t in this to “use” anyone for selfish gain, but to mutually benefit. Good relationships bring depth to your life, and that is a two-way street.

Giving is rewarding. If you want more of something, the fastest way to get it is to give it.

Want more people to pick up when you call? Pick up when other people call. Want more people to follow through with tasks? Follow through with yours. Want more people to smile at you? Smile more.



By investing time in cultivating healthy relationships now, you’ll reap benefits for life.

Take steps today to improve this facet and, like a switch, you will turn on your earning potential, tap into a higher level of happiness, and grow faster and further than you will have otherwise.

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To Your Success;

Lee A. Arnold


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