Learn Like a Boss

Consider this: Do you have more confidence in your resume and previous academic achievements or in your untapped abilities?   If you’ve felt like your background doesn’t support your desires… If you were never a straight-A student… If your ambitions are greater than your current skill set…   Then guess what? You’re in a better […]

Wholesaling Success – Part 3

We’ve come to the conclusion of our 3-part series on Wholesaling Success.   First, we talked about what wholesaling is and why it’s a quality investment strategy. If you missed it, CLICK HERE to get started with Part 1. Then, we discussed Finding motivated sellers, CLICK HERE to read Part 2! This week, we’ll finish off with how […]

A Year in Review

Wow.   2017 was amazing!   Here at the offices of the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate, we relocated into a larger building, broke company records, ushered so many amazing people into our world from all over the country, helped thousands of people, opened a new area of study (the Master Lien Abatement Course), […]

Balancing the Seasons

  We’re fast approaching the holiday season, in case you haven’t seen the store displays and the commercials that seem to come on earlier each year. When October hits, it can be full force ahead for some families. Where you had spare time before to call leads, you’re now busy purchasing Halloween costumes, and before […]

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

  If you watched my CEO Fireside on Monday about professionally managing your rehab project, you probably remember my advice about asserting yourself to contractors. I spoke about how you should command the process, because if you structure and manage the expectations from the beginning, there won’t be surprises at the end. I advised you […]

CEO Fireside

Would you pass up an opportunity to have a CEO in your home or office once a month to develop your financial strategies, line up your goals, and smooth out the edges of your business? If you’re unfamiliar with my CEO Fireside chats, let’s change that. First, click this link http://leearnoldsystem.com/lp/ceo-fireside/ to sign up for next […]