Connectivity = Currency

Connectivity = Currency

The businessman Harvey Mackay once said, “Even the Lone Ranger didn’t do it alone.”

As Americans, we have learned to be self-reliant. We’ve been taught that “co-dependence” is an awful term, so we work our fingers to the bone trying to do everything by ourselves. Being self-sufficient and independent isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless we forget the importance of networking and connecting with others. If you don’t know the importance of truly connecting with other people and strategically figuring out how their talents and knowledge can positively benefit your professional and personal growth (and vice versa) your business will, without a doubt, stagnate.

Consider this: I joined a high-level mastermind over a year ago. Just recently I was invited to present private funding concepts to a room of over 100 top-producers in the real estate industry. I didn’t sell anything or ask for anything, I just gave away the information and you know what? I connected with every single one of them. These are people whose businesses are synergistic with mine and we’ll be able to help each other grow and make more money over the next year. Connectivity truly is its own currency!

Connecting does come with a few essential rules and steps, though.

Be a great listener

Rule #1: Become a Great Connector by Becoming a Great Listener

“The more I speak, the less I learn.” One of the strategies of connecting with others is to become an avid and expert listener. Most people think that time spent having the floor is the best way to communicate and connect with others, when truly it is simply through the act of listening. You can create a wonderful and unforgettable experience for someone by just listening to them.

Rule #2: Implement These Simple Steps of the Highly Profitable

Being a millionaire and a master connector are not mutually exclusive. In fact, research has shown that the world’s most affluent are also the most connected. The next few steps will show you quickly and concisely how they do it.

Step 1: You Must Delight Your Clients

Lately, the term “Customer Service” has lost its true meaning. Many of us equate it with sitting on hold for 15-20 minutes or going into a store and finding an apathetic ear instead of support or help. Companies have farmed out their customer service to other countries because they have forgotten the importance of “delighting the client”. Have you ever experienced phenomenal customer support? It’s a breath of fresh air and a bright spot on your day, right? If you want to succeed, this is exactly what you need to infuse into your daily business. Learn to listen and serve your clients, and they will continue to bring you their business.

Step 2: Acquire Referrals from Your Clients

Step 1 naturally flows into Step 2. When a client is delighted by your service and products, they will be quick to hand over referrals. These leads are golden opportunities to connect with more like-minded people.

Step 3: Invite Referrals to Educational Workshops

The best way to connect to more than one person is to create a learning and networking environment. Workshops allow clients to get to know you better and see you at your personal best. It’s also the perfect platform to illustrate how working with you can benefit their business. It’s a circular event. They gain from networking with you, and you gain by networking with them.

Step 4: Acquire the Referrals as Clients

When the referral becomes a client, it’s your job to…

Step 5: Repeat the Process!

Once you’ve mastered the method of becoming a connector, you must continue the practice. Keep on delighting your clients, gathering referrals, continuing to educate, and ultimately bringing more people into your “inner circle.”

1 equals 1000

It has been said that each person knows 1,000 people and as you know more and more people, your reach spreads to their 1,000, and then to their 1,000, and so on. The scope is limitless!

So connect on a deeper level. It’s a simple process of focusing on others, with a plan to serve them, pay attention to them, listen to them, and care about them. Think of it as an investment of time rather than money. An investment that, in the end, pays in very high dividends!

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