Getting Personal with Your Potential


Are you like most people when it comes to “money talk?”


In other words, are you uncomfortable when the subject of finances comes up in conversation? Or maybe you breach the topic in a noncommittal, abstract way but never in a personal, detailed way (i.e. “I’d love to make more money” or “Man, I’m broke” or “At least we’re not as bad off as those people”).

We’ve been taught—no, PROGRAMED—not to engage or bring up money. Could you imagine someone you barely know asking how much money you make? You probably wouldn’t tell some of your closest friends!

Perhaps that’s why so many people glaze over when I introduce their real earning potential, because they still see making big money as something someone else is capable of. It’s abstract. It’s not personal, and because you don’t own the topic, you’re never going to reach that potential.

Like it or not, you are in the driver’s seat to your financial destination in life. A lot of you are probably relaxing with your feet up as if you’re in the passenger seat on a road trip, but I assure you that you’re not. And if you’re not propelling your vehicle forward, you’re not going to reach your destination, right? Being vague about money is like being in a vehicle (hopefully a money-making one!) and wanting to move forward but not putting your foot on the gas pedal.

So, let’s get personal about the topic of money and choose a flat number (which is lower than you’re capable of, but I need this to be “real” for you). Let’s say you make an extra $10,000 a year above what you are currently earning. Just $10,000.

What would that $10,000 a year do for you? I’m not asking in an abstract way. I want you to figure it out. Where would that money go? Towards credit card debt or student loans? Toward a new investment? Would you save it to spend it on one big-ticket item, or would you chip away monthly at a little debt?

Be specific and put pen to paper, “spending” your $10,000.

Go do it right now. I’ll wait.

The likely result to this exercise was your ability to spend a hypothetical sum of money. I’m sure you wouldn’t have any problem spending the real thing, too. Then why is it so difficult to wrap your brain around the very true reality that you’re capable of earning that (and more)?

I believe the biggest reason people don’t max out their potential is that they stand in their own way. They convince themselves that “it can never happen to me,” and then they justify it with a litany of excuses; I’m afraid, I’m not educated, I don’t have any money to invest.

All sorts of tactics and habits to overcome “yourself” are great, but here are my top 3 in reverse order of importance.


Top 3 Ways to Reach Your Potential


3. Choose your crowd wisely. I can’t express enough how important the people are who you surround yourself with. For me, READ HERE.

2. Be consistent. You cannot hope to grow with the same inconsistent behaviors that lead you to where you are in life right now. If you want growth, you need to change your habits into better ones and keep with them. It’s going to feel uncomfortable, but lean into it and forge ahead until those new behaviors are your baseline. Then go further.

1. Act. Just jump. Pull the trigger. “Just do it,” as Nike would say. One thing at a time, just jump in and plug away. You will never get out of your own way unless you act. Otherwise, you’re filled with a bunch of good thoughts without anything to stick to.

Now, I want you to take that piece of paper on which you “spent” your $10,000. Tack it up somewhere—on your fridge, your desk, your bathroom mirror. Let’s get you to the point where you’re spending that money for real a year from now. It might happen sooner; if so, great. As long as you’re driving the right vehicle, there’s no valid reason why it can’t happen.

Let’s Get Rude: Start the Conversation about money with your loved ones by simply asking, “How much money do you make?” It’s ruder to allow your loved ones to make bad investments and plateau at their current income, never able to reach their potential, either. 

Remember, if you aren’t in the driver’s seat with your foot on the gas, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the “right vehicle.” Put your foot on the gas!

If you’re not in your “right vehicle” yet, let me help you. Join us for an upcoming FUNDING TOUR or call 800-533-1622 to see what path is right for you to reach your full potential.

To Your Success;

Lee A. Arnold


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