Hall of Fame Game Changer

At the Ballpark

One of the best things about late summer is watching live baseball.  Recently we had our entire team out to the local minor league franchise for Lee Arnold System Night at the ballpark.  We had a great time sharing the American pastime with our colleagues and our families.  Our hometown team, the Spokane Indians is a legendary minor league team.  In fact, many consider the 1970 Indians the greatest minor league team of all time, managed by Tommy Lasorda and consisting All-Star players like Steve Garvey, Bill Buckner, and Dave Lopes.  

Hall of Fame

Thick with tradition, our storied ballpark is proud of its Hall of Fame legacy.  Looking out on the field that evening, I could not help but notice the placards celebrating the Hall of Famers who managed and played here; Lasorda, Duke Snider, Don Sutton and Hoyt Wilhelm.  The question came to mind, “How does someone become a Hall of Famer and what attribute elevates these above all the rest?”  How can we, as real estate investors, emulate that winning tradition?


It is obvious that you don’t get to the Hall Fame by one spectacular play, one stellar game or even one tremendous season.  You get there, play after play, game after game, and season after season, by a determined unwavering consistency.  Doing what you need to do, repeatedly, every day, in every game, for decades.  Just like baseball, becoming a Hall of Famer in real estate investing requires that same dogged consistency of effort.  It is not one offer, one deal, or one check at closing that separates the average investor from the Hall of Famer.  It is the consistency of doing what you should do, when you should do it, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Rule of 56

The cornerstone of what we do at Lee Arnold System is what we call the Rule of 56.  Simply a batting order of tasks, that, if diligently done every week, ensures success in real estate investing.  Writing 25 letters, making 25 phone calls, attending 2 real estate networking events and submitting 4 offers every single week is the not-so-secret of real estate success.  It is at the center of our Circle of Wealth and requires consistent application, making each contact and each offer.

At Bats

Hall of Famer Babe Ruth, arguably one of the greatest ballplayers of all time, not only held the record for lifetime home runs (714) for 52 years but also held the record the most strikeouts (1330) for 30 years.  The more swings you take, the greater the chance of success.  Real Estate Investing is no different.  Most letters are not read. Most phones calls are not answered.  Most offers are not accepted.  But like baseball, real estate investing is a game of percentages: the more attempted means the more will be successful.  An investor consistent in attempting will be an investor consistent in succeeding.

Game Changer

One of the greatest technological innovations in baseball was the automated pitching machine.  The average batter could take more pitches and practice more swings per hour than ever before, without wearing out the arms of the pitching staff.  It was the proverbial game changer.  This year brought a way to automate the Rule of 56 and change forever the real estate investing game.  Lee Arnold System acquired a new technology called SendFuse, which, by simply texting on your mobile phone, you can research properties, send letters, make phone calls, and submit offers.  It automates the Rule of 56.  What took real estate investors hours, can now take minutes.  Like an automated personal assistant, you can save time and money with your SendFuse license.  There is no app or program to download.  If you drive by a potential property, from your phone via text, you can run a research report, start a sequence of postcards to the owner, initiate phone calls to schedule an appointment, and make an offer. . . all without leaving your car.  The Rule of 56 is now in your pocket.

Get SendFuse

If you are not excited about this Hall of Fame innovation, you should be.  Here is a video on how, with SendFuse, you can change your game. Today.


Watch it now to discover how to use the most common tool in today’s culture (the cell phone) to acquire both the deals and the funding.  Change your game all the way to the Hall of Fame!



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