Lee Arnold’s Bite-sized Lessons - Whats Your Goal

Lee Arnold’s Bite-Sized Lessons — What’s your goal?

In our daily lives and in business, excellence can be achieved, and tremendous opportunities can be met, through educating ourselves about our goals and the goals of our clients. We should always be asking ourselves, “How can we more efficiently get our message out so we can meet our goals and help others do the same?”

Education as it relates to goal setting is key to success. When we’re on the phone with our clients we should take advantage of the opportunity not just to educate them, but to ask them what are they trying to accomplish? What are their goals? And how can we help them get there?

This wisdom can occur at any age. Case in point: Just recently, while walking on a pier in Florida with my family, my 12-year-old son, Harrison, became intrigued by a man who was catching small guppy-like fish and then placing them in a row on top of the adjacent railing.

Confused by the methodical and tedious approach of catching such a small haul, Harrison walked up to the man and asked, “What is your goal? What are you trying to accomplish?” Offended by the audacity of a twelve-year old’s blatant curiosity, the man retorted that it was none of Harrison’s business what his goals were!

Although Harrison was abrupt in his inquiry, he asked two important questions that we should all be asking ourselves daily, “What is the goal? What are we trying to accomplish?” It’s a good reminder from a 12-year-old. Think about it for a moment. What are our goals? Whether it’s in your daily life or as an organization. What are the goals for you and your family? What are they for your clients?

In business, we need to be focused on discovering our clients’ goals and to interest ourselves in what they hope to accomplish. This provides an alignment of interest so we can help them achieve their goals. When you do this, you will see a significant lift in your customers’ success and, in turn, the success of your own organization.

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