Millionaire Mindset Series: Part 3

Part 3


“I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in.” Roger Clemens

The mind is a wonderful thing to master. By now in this Millionaire Mindset series, you agree and have taken steps to mastering your mind. If you need to, go back and review each of the last two parts in this series. Print them, share them, pass them on.

But mastering your mind and cultivating a millionaire mindset doesn’t come without…




If you are casual about your dreams, they will never happen.

If you don’t have a good reason to wake up (we all have a good reason to wake up, you often need to open your eyes to it… no pun intended), then peeling yourself out of bed in the morning will be a struggle.

If you stop at 5 pm because that’s “quitting time,” you will get different results from those who stop when the work is done. If you’re building a business, you should be putting in overtime. This isn’t a popular opinion, and many people advocate for shorter work days and more streamlined processes that allow for less time invested.

Yes, there are tools you can implement, and systems you can follow that will save you time, but it’s in that “freed up time” that you find the time to do the essential things for your business.

The truth is, it takes a lot of dedication to accumulate the kind of wealth you need to control your financial destiny.



Have the “Hunger”


You must be willing to do the things others aren’t willing to do if you want to have the things that most people don’t have.

Most people are low in energy. They go through their day without a hop in their step and treat every activity with a flat response. If you want to do epic things in your life, you need to fire it up! Get excited about what you do. Empower yourself with energy. Take care of yourself physically and mentally and do it early so you can start each day from a positive place of massive growth.

If you’re struggling with feeling stuck, take a step to move forward. Any action. Just act.

If you’re fighting sadness, desperation, or guilt, focus on applying these mindset tips. Inundate yourself with positivity and focus on those thoughts. Remember, we cannot always control the thoughts that come into our mind, but we can control what we focus on.

If you think about your regret that you aren’t further in life, you’ll continue to make decisions that keep you stuck in that regret. But if you shift your focus to the positive, give thanks for what you DO have, and pour your energy into making small successes, you’ll get more success.

You get what you focus on, so focus on your dreams.

“Your mindset matters. It affects everything – from the business and investment decisions you make to the way you raise your children, to your stress levels and overall well-being.” Peter Diamandis

Managing your time is managing yourself.

Where are you putting your time, energy, and skills?

People with a “Millionaire Mindset” prioritize what is the most important, and they realize it’s not always work.

Sometimes I have to be Super Dad, and my amazing wife takes on the continual role of Super Mom. It’s not because we focus fully on our kids, because clearly, we have work to do too. Instead, we focus on what is in front of us and most important at the time. We prioritize both at different times, and you can do the same in the context of your life. Having a millionaire mindset doesn’t mean you focus 100% on making money.

But when it comes to prioritizing work, how do you determine what is the most important? We want to concentrate our efforts on what will move the needle forward in your business. In other words, you want to do work that will turn a profit so your business can be sustainable and scalable until you reach your financial goals; the income that will sustain your life based on the earnings of your business.



Determine What’s Important


Make a list of the top 7 action steps you need to take you further in your dreams.

Before you go to bed at night, review these steps. What needs to be added? What have you accomplished? Read them. Then reread them in the morning and begin working on them right away. Every time you cross something off, figure out your next step and add it to the list.

Once you’ve exercised the necessary time and energy to make progress on the list, you can move forward with the daily things that come up that require attention but aren’t true priority. Work on the big stuff first, and find a way to delegate, eliminate, automate, or [intentionally] procrastinate the rest.

If you follow this prioritizing strategy, you’ll be amazing how fast you’ll move toward your dreams.

This list of revolving 7 action steps can be your guide to absolute financial independence; keeping you from the overwhelm of having to do it all at once and providing you a focus. Make it a habit.

It can be challenging to see what the vital, needle-moving tasks are, especially when you’re new to anything or haven’t made a profit yet in what you’re doing. There is so much that CAN be done, so everything seems vital at first. But it takes time to refine your eye to what is important.

How do you become seasoned in something enough to understand what will move the needle if you can’t wade through the work enough to BECOME seasoned? Start by following a system, follow leadership from someone who has your best interest in mind, and get some personal coaching.



Practical Application


Learn What You’ve Been Putting Off

You can’t do this while flying by the seat of your pants. I previously talked about the importance of systems.

<<CLICK HERE to read more on The Importance of Systems>>

If you’ve been putting off that class because you “can’t afford it,” or you’ve continually said you couldn’t attend an event because you “didn’t have the time,” hopefully by now you’ve had a mindset shift and can reevaluate.

Whether you need to recommit to your education, fill a hole in your business with a specific training, attend a function to learn from and network with the best, or you need the accountability of a coach, you need to act.

If you don’t learn something new, you’re not going to know what you need to be financially independent. You can learn it the hard way by your own efforts or you can get decades of information by learning from the experts.

So, take the class, sign up for the event, talk to a Business Development Consultant today to see what you need to be successful.



Mindset Magic


Don’t let all the mindset work you’ve done over this series go to waste. Apply your new mindset to your work and watch your situation shift.

If you’re still struggling, my suggestion is just to start.

“Just do you. Go with the flow and with your life because that’s you experiencing life. You being yourself is you doing your purpose, so the more we get out of the mindset of thinking there’s a certain way to go about things, the more free we become.” Keke Palmer

And if you’re struggling on where a good place to start is, I suggest a Funding Tour. Not only can you attend one of these Cogo Capital Sponsored events in a city near you AND get your tuition paid for, you’ll be inundated with wonderful networking, information with a practical application, and you’ll begin to hone your craft in the real estate market.

For more, visit or call to speak with a Business Development Consultant today by calling (800) 473- 6051.


To Your Success;

Lee A. Arnold


The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

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My humble beginnings started as a bag boy at a local grocery chain in Spokane, Washington working for $3.90 per hour. Even thought I aspired to be a manager, I realized I was on the wrong path to success and needed to make some very important changes fast.

Through long years of trial and error, I built up a very profitable, million-dollar real estate business from the ground up. I’m proof-positive that training systems can and do work. Because of this, I created The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing to teach clients how to translate workbook education and real estate theory into the real world of real estate investment success.

Then, I created Cogo Capital® where real estate investors could go for unlimited funds for their non-owner occupied investments. Since then, I have been involved in over 1 Billion Dollars-worth of real estate deals with clients. While the progression seemed natural, we were missing one, very large and essential piece of the pie. Then came Secured Investment Corp, which gave people the training they needed to safely lend on first trust liens (real estate), and make higher returns than they were currently seeing in their stock market, bank CDs, or bond investments. As we combined all these facets—training, funding, and the education to lend on real property—we began to notice a progressing trend of growth and success with the clients involved.

Through this model that we call “The Circle of Wealth,” we noticed that people who entered in at the training level and borrowed funds for their real estate investments eventually became lenders in their own right. They then helped others obtain the capital needed to grow their real estate portfolios. This allowed everyone, on every side, to succeed. It is our goal that everyone can enjoy some level of success in The Circle of Wealth, and inevitably lap it several times over. It’s time to join the Circle of Wealth today.

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