One Decision Away


There’s a key element to being an entrepreneur that once mastered will bring you to a new level.


It is the ability to make good decisions quickly.

We’re faced with hundreds of decisions every day, and though most of them seem inconsequential, our lives are based on the outcomes of these decisions.

Drink water or drink soda?
Spend an hour with your kids or spend an hour commenting on stranger’s social media?
Watch TV or read an article on success?

These decisions add up to create your life. Even when tragedy strikes (and I’m not making light of hard things), how a disaster affects your life is directly linked to how you respond.

And the absolute best part of this principle is that you can put it to practice at any point in your life. You can go from making mediocre decisions that have led to mediocre outcomes to making good decisions that lead to great outcomes. It takes some practice and a usually involves a learning curve, but you can change the trajectory of your life at ANY point.

Bet you didn’t think you had that kind of power, did you?

Being able to make a good decision quickly is the pivot point to your success. But this “one key element” is actually two. You need to know what a good decision is and then you need to know how to make it quickly. This may seem elementary, but so many get it wrong.



If so much rides on making good decisions, how do you make this happen? It’s easy to watch the choices others make and say “Well, it’s easy for them, but I don’t know how to make good decisions to save my life.”

First, give yourself more credit than that.

Second, it’s not too complicated. You start by looking at the desired outcome you wish to achieve. Then, do your research–your homework, if you will–on what it takes to achieve that outcome.

So, if you want to lose twenty pounds, you might grab a book on how to balance eating fresh produce with protein to optimal results.

If you aren’t sure what to do, you can use other tools to help:

– Solicit advice from people who have achieved what you want to achieve
– Make a pros and cons list
– Weigh the probable outcomes
– Brainstorm possible results
– Determine actions that line up with your values, abilities, and interests
– Monitor your results

Good decision making is like a muscle; you have to work it to make it stronger. So flex your decision-making muscles and make a different decision today.

Eat fruit salad instead of cake. Go for a walk with your family instead of watching a movie together. Resist the urge to check Facebook and finish this article!



I cannot stress this enough; you cannot rely on motivation to move your mountain. Motivation is a great tool the brain uses to get us going… sometimes. Like many of our emotions, motivation is fickle.

There are people who spend their entire lives devoted to the psychology of motivation, trying to figure out how to make more of it, how to have consistent motivation, how to fabricate it when they have none.

Motivation is great. It’s NOT the key to success. If you wait until you have the motivation needed to start, you’ll rarely get stuff done. If you spend your life trying to be motivated, you won’t have much time LEFT to actually work.

If you’ve ever listened to Mel Robbins or read her books, you’d know that she didn’t rely on motivation to get out from her low point in life to become a best-selling author, renowned keynote speaker, and CNN legal and social commentator. She uses the “5-second rule.” In a nutshell, Robbins gives herself five seconds from not wanting to do something to start the thing.

“Ugh. I don’t want to respond to this email. Deep breath, okay I can do this. Five, four, three, two, one. Go.”

Your alarm goes off and you groan. “I don’t want to get out of bed. I should just hit snooze. No, I’m going to get up even if I don’t want to. Five, four, three, two, one. Up.”

The bigger deal you make out of a decision, the harder you make it for yourself. You know what decisions are the right ones, the ones that will help move the needle in your life. But we spend so much time debating whether our decisions are good and waiting to have the motivation to do them that we NEVER DO ANYTHING.

Let’s face it, we know how to make good decisions; at least we know how to start to make them. But too often flounder in that space right before the first step, and by not taking immediate action, we shoot ourselves in the foot!

People can fight until the end of time over whether the Chicken or the Egg came first, but we don’t need to debate this: If you have no motivation, start working and the motivation will follow.

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Now, I know I said this “one key element” is actually two… But, it’s actually three.


See, the important part is that you gain the ability and traction to make good decisions (1) quickly (2) and repetitively (3).

One good decision can change your life. Attending a function like the Cogo Captial presented Funding Tour can change the trajectory of your investing career. But in order for the success to stick, you must continue to make good decisions.

In your heart, you know this is true. Even people who’ve had a “big break” in life must continue to make good decisions or their behavior can take a turn for the worst.

And it may feel extra discouraging. Like, “Lee, it’s hard enough for me to make ONE decision and now you’re telling me to make thousands!”

Yes and no.

“No,” because you don’t have to make them all right now.

It starts with one good decision. Then you make another. And another. And when things get confusing, you find someone who’s done what you want to do to be your coach, your mentor, your guide through the process and you let that person help you make decisions. That’s the beautify of targeted adult education.

We get more of what we want by helping you get more of what you want.


You won’t be alone in this if you keep good company. But it starts with one good decision. Attend one of the webinars you see advertised in your inbox. Sign up to attend a Funding Tour. Call the Business Development Consultant about your educational options.

Are you ready to make a good decision today?

Five, four, three, two, one…


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