Private Money Scout

When you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to deploy, and run both a private money borrowing and lending business, you need help to deploy and keep the funding constantly coming in!

We launched a private money affiliate program years ago, and now we’ve fine tuned the program and call our affiliates Private Money Scouts. We give Scouts a back office filled with training and marketing tutorials to empower them to make as much money as possible. Plus, we give them a landing page and access to tons of webinars for ongoing education and opportunities.

Scouts receive a commission on every borrower or lender they bring in the door. And, everytime the same borrower or lender closes another loan, the Scout continues to get that commission. There’s really an opportunity to make thousands of extra dollars a month.

This program is great for someone looking to make extra money, looking for part-time work, a stay-at-home parent, a retiree, a student or just someone interested in creating a recurring revenue stream with little hands-on time. For more information about the program, what the video below, and click a the link here for a more extensive introduction.

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