Scaling out of Your Rut

There’s something purely magical about the holidays!


Once your loved one places a buffet of delightful food on the table, and enchanting music fills the air, it’s easy to get lost in the splendor of the season. What wonderful moments; you should truly give thanks!

…But what happens when you return to work on Monday with your mind still of stuffing and a lingering feeling of being stuck?

You could go through a time when you lose focus on, and interest in, your goals. I’ve even seen it happen for some that this feeling of “being stuck” intensifies, lasting for longer periods until it begins to feel normal. There’s no reason to feel like there’s something wrong with you–I’ve seen this happen to the best. But if you can push beyond this stuck feeling before it embeds in your life in the form of poor habits, unhealthy self-talk, and inadequate work practices, then you can avoid a rut that leads to a dangerous outcome.

Getting “unstuck” is easier at the beginning than after you’ve waited for it to become a part of your daily routine.


Figure Out WHY You’re Stuck


Focus on your experience of being stuck instead of immediately looking for a solution. You must arrive at a place before you can leave it. For instance, let’s say you had an uncomfortable moment with a relative over turkey. On Monday, you all of a sudden have an aversion to picking up the phone where you’ve never had phone-fear before. You spend the week with awful phone contacts when in fact, your brain is just looking for a place to assign your lingering anxiety from the disagreement you had during dinner.

Whatever caused that feeling which is now festering in your brain, I encourage you to confront it, use it as a step up and not a step back and keep your mind healthy for your work-related goals.


Instead of “Eating Your Frog,” Do a Task You Love


Getting back to work when you feel stuck makes even the smallest task feel bigger than it is. Take something you love, something that you’re good at, and get it done first. Give yourself the gift of feeling accomplished and then tackle the harder things. When you structure your day right, you can build momentum that carries you through to the closing bell and reflects in your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators; the things you should be using to measure your daily habits against your goals).

Without momentum, your day could be dead before it starts. Don’t let this happen to you. By getting a few tasks under your belt right away, you can build energy early and ride the momentum train into the night.


Realize That Being Stuck May Mean More


Our brains are more complex and powerful than we give them credit for. If your “stuck” feeling is deeper, lingers without the promise of release, and doesn’t go away after multi-directional effort, you may need to get some help in your work. If you’ve been operating within the boundaries of your comfort zone for too long, being stuck is natural. Not many things will catapult you out of a rut like taking a new, calculated risk.

Sometimes, gaining the perspective of an outsider can help. But don’t go investing in just anybody to solve your problems. Like I said HERE in my article on the Gospel of Bad Experience, we can’t always trust the ones we love with their opinions of what we do.

If you aren’t challenging yourself enough or don’t see your potential fully realized, being stuck is easy. Call us. (800) 473-6051. We can look at the areas of your business you may be lacking, assign you a coach, set you up with new and exciting training (like the Lein Abatement Specialty Certification weekend in Las Vegas on December 7th-10th, you won’t want to miss it!), and give you that boost you may need to get out of your rut.

Still feeling stuck? Try changing your office around to face a different direction, get your heart rate up by taking a walk, look at a project from a new angle, do something creative (even if it’s as simple as doodling for a while), and talk it out with those you trust. Sometimes, the most significant successes are right on the other side of a rut.

To Your Success;

Lee A. Arnold


The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

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