Short Circuit: A Faster Way Around the Circle of Wealth

It took years of practical experience in investing to create the overarching philosophy of success the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing: The Circle of Wealth.  It’s the center of everything we do, everything we teach, and everything we want for our customers, our students, our financial clients, and our investors.  If an investor has the fortitude and courage to take on the journey around the Circle, it will bring them, step by step, to not only their own financial success but to the place where they can help others start the same journey.

There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers.

Ronald Reagan

The Road Less Traveled

The Circle of Wealth is simply the road less traveled.  Each step is not easy but at the end, is the life and freedom most people never see.  The first step on the Circle of Wealth is training you how to achieve real estate success.  You need the knowledge, advice, counsel and experience of those who have, and are currently succeeding, in the field.  That is the reason there is the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing.

The next step in the Circle of Wealth is providing you funding for all your real estate investment deals.  Cogo Capital private money lending can dramatically increase the size and scope of your investing business.

Revolving around the Circle of Wealth leads to providing returns as a private money lender. As you develop and expand your real estate business, your growth will require you to use your capital, instead of your labor, to build more wealth.

Come full circle in the Circle of Wealth with the final stage: true passive income and multiplying wealth, with us servicing your private money lending.  In essence. you become the private money “bank” and our Lake City Servicing does the heavy lifting.  Here is where you earn passive income and, by doing so, your capital gives others the start on the Circle of Wealth.

Shorten the Circuit

There are no short cuts around the Circle of Wealth. Yet, every day, our goal here at the companies of the Secured Investment Corp. is to create vehicles to shorten the time it takes to make that cycle.  The latest addition, to speed the way, is SIC’s new Circle of Wealth Fund III LLC.  Previously you needed to be an Accredited Investor (with $1 million in assets or the required high income) to put your capital to work in our high-yield funds.

We formed the Circle of Wealth Fund III, LLC (“the Fund”) for the purpose of providing participating investors with similar benefits that are offered to Accredited Investors through the Secured Investment High Yield Fund II, LLC — a real estate focused investment opportunity through private money notes and carefully chosen real estate projects. The third step of the Circle of Wealth can be taken sooner with the investment capital you have now.

In Reach

Real estate is one of the most desirable alternative asset classes available. Investing in a real estate-backed fund can allow you the benefits of a real estate investment, without the costs of ownership. But now, you don’t have to be Accredited to participate.

Until now, investments like these have been out of reach to the average investor, and only accessible to high net-worth individuals. With our brand new, Reg A+ Fund, you can invest as a private lender without being Accredited. This is one of the only funds in the nation of its kind.

If you’re excited about the opportunity to invest in private mortgages, but don’t want to get involved in vetting of the borrower, underwriting the loan, and servicing the monthly payments, this may be the best opportunity available!  I created a video to show you how you can move along the Circle of Wealth and get involved today!


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