Spring Clean Your Life

Tis the season to get the dirt out. And I’m not just talking about cleaning out the cupboards.

Spring is all about a renewal and resurgence in the desire to take a giant leap forward in your personal and professional life. To do this, you need to dust the cobwebs off of your New Year’s goals, write or rewrite your 5-year plan, and begin to assemble the pieces that will make these dreams a reality.

I meet people every day who are mucking around in the clutter of their lives. They have aspiring dreams, but don’t have the tools or the gumption to make them a reality. They are in need of a serious spring cleaning!

Here are some tips to clean up your life so you can focus on the tasks and steps that will bring you ever closer to your ultimate goals!

1. Eliminate Time Wasters

Many of us allow certain habits to absorb our time. Often T.V., Internet, and even certain people suck up more of our time than they should be allowed. Think about and write down these time wasters so you can begin to limit their influence on your energy and minutes.

2. Pause and Reflect

Life is a series of reactions. Unfortunately, this leaves little time to slow down and think through and solve challenges in a rational and intelligent manner. Take time to think things through so you’re not simply reacting to, but rather acting on the various elements of life.

3. Get Organized

My name is Lee, and I have “organized-deficit disorder.” I’m constantly thinking of new ideas and rarely have the opportunity to put them into a step-by-step process. But I’m lucky, I have an excellent staff who does it for me. If you don’t have a group of trained people, learn how to organize your days to maximize opportunity. Schedule yourself for phone calls, marketing brainstorms, and research. Fill your day with income-producing tasks, so you don’t end up bogged down by the time wasting melee of normal life.

4. Review your attitude

Get the pessimism, cynicism, envy, and other self-sabotaging emotions out of your life. Success has no room for these disrupting feelings.

5. Invest in Continual Education

Stay smarter and ahead of the curve. The more you know and the fresher the ideas are in your head, the better you are at handling professional curve balls.

And we’ve made that last point easier for you!

WE’RE actually investing in YOUR education and paying your way to an upcoming Funding Tour in a city near you. Go to www.fundingtour.com to claim your pre-paid tickets today so you can begin implementing new ideas and strategies that will catapult you to success!

It’s time for a business rejuvenation and we’re looking forward to being a part of it!

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