The Tactical Win; How Developing This Habit Can Break down Barriers



Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’ve been struggling lately. Struggling to believe in yourself, to catch momentum, to trust in your abilities. Maybe you’re struggling to implement what you’ve been taught, and once the hype of attending an educational function wears off, you struggle to keep the pieces from falling out of your finger.


If “struggle” is your middle name, don’t despair. Frederick Douglass said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

We must “honor the struggle,” but struggle doesn’t lift us up alone.

Maybe you’ve been working at this a while and you’ve seen a few successes. You’ve flipped a property or wholesaled a house. You gained a new client as a private money broker.

But it never seems like enough, and you can’t get yourself over the hurdles to do more, do it again, do it better. It seems only ever to be a STRUGGLE, and no one wants to struggle forever.

Eventually you want to WIN.


What if I told you that your wins today will snowball into wins as massive as you’ve ever dreamed of if you begin one little practice?

It isn’t too good to be true.

Let’s say you have piles and piles of TODO lists that you’ve checked off every day for years–and maybe you haven’t ever completed a single task list in the time you gave yourself to, but you eventually got done what needed to get done.

Yet, one, two, five years later, you don’t feel any different. You don’t feel the growth, you don’t feel the successes, and you’re less excited about continuing with your work because it seems like everyone around you is growing while you’re standing still.

Why is this?


You have the education; you have the support (if you don’t have these things, call us immediately at (800) 473-6051), yet you don’t see the change in yourself.

When people fail to see growth, they fail to continue growing.

So, what is the one practice that will help you realize and maximize your growth? What is the one thing that will turn your everyday advances into tactical wins that will create an explosive increase in your mind, your heart, and your wallet?



If you’ve struggled with your confidence and your momentum, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to integrate your wins into your life.

What does that mean and how do you do it?

You need to celebrate your wins. Daily. Every day. Take a moment at the end of each day to look back on everything you did right, reflect on those wins and allow them to become integrated into who you are.

Why do you have to do this?

Look at this picture. What do you see?

(I’m going to act as a psychic of sorts and predict your answer…)

Did you say, “A crack in a wall?”

Was my prediction correct? (I’m obviously not psychic.)

You could’ve said, “I see a strong wall that will withstand storms and provide shelter. Sure, it has a little crack, but it’s 95% strong.”

Why didn’t you say that?

The human brain is trained to primarily see what is wrong, what is harmful, what needs to be improved. Studies have proven that our biological makeup has trained the brain to see the negative first as a safety mechanism to ensure our species survival.

And recognizing what needs to be fixed in life and in business is a vital trait to being a business owner. It also comes in SIGNIFICANTLY handy when flipping properties!

But as for our brain, if we don’t consciously and purposefully recognize and celebrate the good things we’ve done and the successes we’ve had, we fail to see what IS working. By ignoring the integration of our WINS into our brain, we’re focusing on . This can lead to burnout, frustration, and worst of all, OVERWHELM.

I cannot name a single successful client, successful business owner, or successful mastermind member who lives in a constant state of overwhelm.

What does that tell you?

That if you want to be successful, you cannot live in a constant state of overwhelm either.




First, you must LOOK at what went right every day. When you aren’t practiced at finding the successes in your day, it’s easy to overlook them. If your first response is “Well, I didn’t succeed at anything today,” then borrow from the list of questions below to find something to celebrate:

  • What did I do well today?
  • What task did I get off my plate that felt so good to finish?
  • How did I succeed in my interactions with others?
  • How did I grow today?
  • What worked in my favor?
  • What did I say that advanced a conversation or a relationship?
  • What goal did I start building momentum on?
  • What goal did I advance today in some small way?
  • What goal did I accomplish?




Then INTEGRATE those victories into your mind and into your identity. Take a few minutes to reflect on these victories and truly own them.

I’m not asking you to spend an hour at the end of your workday praising yourself for being awesome for no reason. I’m telling you to take pride in your achievements; you did the work! Celebrate it. And if you need a few ideas on how to integrate these wins, try out one of the following suggestions:

  • Reflect on your achievements on your drive home.
  • Take an extra 10 minutes at the end of work, after you’ve “clocked out” for the day but before you go home, to write a list of your accomplishments and put that list next to your TODO list for the next day.
  • You likely have a “starting routine” for your workday (you grab your coffee, you open your email, you check your schedule, etc.), so develop a “closing routine” for your workday that includes constructing a list of achievements.


Why is this so important?

Why is giving yourself credit for your victories vital to your continued growth and success?


It Builds Momentum:


This exercise builds your internal momentum and shows you your strengths, helping secure your identity as a success and move forward with external momentum. Another thing that the most successful people in the world have in common is their explosive, compounding growth. Look at self-made millionaires: one thing each has in common is their ability to start rolling a ball and keep it moving until it picks up speed and eventually has so much force that it’s unstoppable.

It Makes You a True Owner


If you want to achieve more in life, you must first gain a sense of pride and ownership in what you do. You own your business. You own the LLC. You own the work. Now OWN the successes, too, and practice integrating them into your day every day.

When You Win Once, You Can Win Again


To Your Success;

Lee A. Arnold


The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

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