Time Management Doesn’t Exist

Time management is huge these days.


One of the biggest, most universal excuses I hear as to why someone can’t follow through on their dream of building your real estate investing business is “I don’t have time.”

I hear the excuse so much, in fact, that it needs to be addressed.

It’s no surprise that “I don’t have time” is a common justification for your lack of involvement. A recent study claimed that the average American has 150 unfinished tasks at any given time. That’s a lot of responsibilities vying for your attention!

So, how do you get it all done?

Well, first of all, you don’t. At least not alone. But, you can perform at a much higher level than you currently are.

You’ve all heard a variety of the saying “Einstein only had 24 hours in a day” or “CEOs have the same amount of time in a day as you do.” We all have the same 7 days in a week; that’s 168 hours, or 10,080 minutes, or 604,800 seconds, depending on how you break it down. There’s nothing we can do to add time to our week, not even by a second.

So if we all have the same amount of time, then it isn’t a time-management problem you’re having. It’s a self-management problem.

Outdated time-management thinking is often broken down to one of 2 ideas: Being Efficient and Prioritizing.

Being Efficient is great. You can get organized, grab a tool on that computer you have in your pocket (otherwise known as a phone) to manage your to-do lists, therefore “giving you more time.” But, there’s a limitation to this “efficiency,” both because most people fail to master it and because it doesn’t stop the avalanche of tasks from careening down the mountain to bury you.

You can prioritize, sure. You can focus first on what matters most. But there is a limitation to prioritizing, too. There’s nothing about prioritizing that creates more time. All it does is take task #11 from your to-do list and bumps it up to #1. Yes, this is valuable in that you complete your tasks as they are important, but it doesn’t actually create more time, and it doesn’t help you accomplish the other items on your to-do list. Prioritizing is borrowing time; it is taking time away from one task in order to complete another.

Self-management, however, is the ability to orchestrate tasks in a way that creates more time. Self-managers say, “What can I do today to make tomorrow better. What can I set up now to save time in the future? How can I multiply my time?”

And how do you multiply your time? By giving yourself permission to spend time on things today that will give you time tomorrow. For example, you may think you don’t have the 2 hours to set up automatic bill pay. But, if you spend an hour a month paying your bills, by the 3rd month of auto bill pay, you will have received a ROTI (return on TIME investment).

To evaluate each task, run it through the following steps:

Print this out and hang it above your computer, put it in your car, or tack it to your mirror!


Then, if you’re struggling with exactly what needs your attention and can’t seem to place an item into a step in order for it to be complete, look at these factors:


Significance is key! Sometimes we tell ourselves that we just HAVE to check our email 7 times a day, when the truth is that the urgency and importance of an email doesn’t out-way the significance of building long-term wealth for you and your family and the freedom accompanied with it. 

The art of self-management takes time to master, but it’s vital for the future of your career, your business, your family, and your livelihood. As you grow, the tasks aren’t going to get any easier, your schedule won’t get any simpler, and the challenges won’t go away–they’ll just change. Learn to manage yourself now and the world will open up to you. Manage yourself and you’ll manage to succeed.

To Your Success;

Lee A. Arnold


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