the Nationwide Funding Tour is held quarterly in major metropolitan areas

This hand-on experience will change you from a novice real estate part timer to a powerhouse full-time investor in only 3 days!

From Lee Arnold:

   You may or may not have heard of me before. But my goal is to help you do more deals, more often!

Massive Economic Shifts Have Changed the Market Forever...

   …and if you’re not adapting to these changes in real estate and funding, you may not be around for much longer. That may sound like a scare-tactic, but it’s really not. We’ve seen too many people trying to fit the old model of real estate investing into the new model. And as I’m sure you’ve heard before, square pegs do not fit into round holes! That’s why I created the Funding Tour. This dynamic 3-day workshop shows you how to quickly implement what works in today’s real estate industry. 

See Today’s Deals in Person!

   This isn’t the same workbook style seminar training that keeps you in your seat and out of the real world of investing! Nor is it a Pitch-Fest. Instead, you’ll join our Power Team of Experts and visit real-world funding opportunities that are available today, right now!

   You’ll learn from the masters of deal structuring and learn first hand and in the field how to do this without breaking your bank…(since the whole point of this course is to learn how to use other people’s money (OPM)!

   This seminar takes you out of the classroom and onto the streets and into real homes and real funding realities. Not only that, you’ll work with real world deals to come up with the best funding package in the room. AND if you want to learn how to be the bank, join us in the “Hedge Fund Round Table” and figure out how you would invest a Million Dollars into deals that would pull upwards of 12-15 percent annualized returns.

At the Funding Tour you will:

Participate in the “Nationwide Funding Tour Bus Excursion”

See and walk through AMAZING DEALS that attract funding every time!

Get the A to Z Real Estate Investor Plan that puts money in your pocket!

Walk away with profitable, lender-financed deals!

Find out how to be the lender and participate in this booming market without buying and selling properties!

Learn how to package ugly hopes into FUNDING WINNERS!

Understand how to “beef up” a buyer and seller list for quick turnaround.

And much, much more

Join us and Enter the Circle of Wealth.

How We Think About Your Success

Real Time Real Estate

Training designed to get you going and keep you going. Because a successful student means a consistent stream of loans from us to you. And that's where we succeed!

Real Certification Testing

Our Private Money Broker Certification Program is not only the nation's first, it is by far the most successful and prestigious private money broker certification out there.

Lifelong support

From answering your questions about pending deals, to walking you through the financing of your investment, whether it is through us, or a competitor, we have your back every step of the way.

Multi-Level Assessments

We don't stop with basic certification either. Offering Senior Broker status, Master Broker status, and Commercial Broker status, we take your training seriously because we know you take your financial well being seriously.

We take great pride in showing you hands-on how you can succeed investing in real estate. Flip, Hold, Borrow, Broker, or Lend private money. Become the ultimate master of the ‘Circle of Wealth,’ — a passive investor.

Lee Arnold

What is the “Circle of Wealth?”

We get more of what we want by helping others get more of what they want!

Secured Investment Corp Mission Statement

It’s the center of everything we do, everything we teach and everything we want for our customers, our students, our financial clients, and our investors.

Enter the “Circle” anywhere. Enter it as a “newbie” real estate investor, or enter it as an experienced one. You can enter as a borrower or a lender, or even an Internet marketer. One of our most popular entry points is as an Independent Certified Private Money Broker.

For real estate investors, we have the Nationwide Funding Tour -- the event that starts it all. There you are exposed to the encompassing nature of what we do. But, we provide a lot more, and this guide is designed to explain to you how we can get you traveling along the ‘Circle of Wealth.’

We are a training company for real estate investors, independent private money brokers, marketers, and entrepreneurs in general. We provide borrowers with access to private capital for investing in real estate through Cogo Capital, our wholly owned lending division. We provide ways for people to make money at home simply by connecting borrowers with lenders, and services to cater to more sophisticated investors’ borrowing needs. And for those accredited investors who have mastered the ‘Circle of Wealth,’ we manage a portfolio of funds that also provide money to real estate investors.

It’s the ‘Circle of Wealth.’ It’s what we do!

And, after you reach your financial goals, you become a passive investor, lending your earnings to others and completing the Circle of Wealth.

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