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Fortunes at
Foreclosure Auctions

Everyone knows that you can find the best deals at foreclosure auction (I have case studies to prove it), but it's easy to make rookie mistakes when you get caught up in the excitement.

June's CEO Fireside will be a content-heavy revelation on Foreclosure Auctions! You'll get the most complete and comprehensive overview on how to bid at foreclosure auctions (and you'll get an ebook immediately on the subject)! Grab your seat NOW!

In last month's CEO Fireside, Lee explains :

How to Keep Your Deal Pipeline Full Even in a Cooling Housing Market

The real estate industry is a microcosm for the entire economy. Following real estate news and trends can open a window into our nation's economy, social progress, and America's well-being as a whole. In last month's CEO Fireside, Lee showed where the real estate market is headed and how to keep your deal pipeline full even in a cooling housing market.