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Now You Just Need To Learn How to Write Awesome Offers with Little Or No Earnest Money Down
(& Never Lose Money On a Deal Again)

Keep reading because I'm going to show you how to access a comprehensive video training that: 

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    Details how to write very aggressive offers with back-up and support so you NEVER miss out on another deal again!
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    Uncovers the places to find deals --see how we locate the cream of the crop, deeply discounted deals. 
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    Shows you how to write deals start to finish so you can start getting more properties under contract.

The Art of Writing the Offer that Sticks...

Do you find yourself stumped when writing the offer?

You don't have to answer that, but know if you are, you're in good company. I have countless clients who call me or one of my loan officers, breathless and excited over the glorious "deal on the hill," the deal that will change the course of their financial future FOREVER. But when we ask if they have made an offer and if the deal is under contract, the majority of them sheepishly say: "Ummmm... No."

If you want to get over this Offer Writing Block and want some IRONCLAD tips on what to include in your offer, you'll definitely need this training.

When you approach sellers using these time-tested, real-life proven techniques we teach you in this video-- like creative financing, the 3-Tiered Offer, the 70% Rule, and much, much more--you can...

"Successfully lock up these deals and either wholesale them for FAST CASH, fix and flip for BIG CASH, or hold and rent for RETIREMENT CASH!"

By getting access to this video training you'll:


Get Step-by-Step Direction

In this down-to-earth tutorial, learn how to cherry-pick the best deals, why and how to structure them for fast funding, and the quick exit strategies to realize the best and highest profits immediately!


​Get Proof of Funds Letters

Many times, Proof of Funds letters are required along with a purchase offer agreement in real estate transactions. This training shows you how to generate a Proof of Funds letter to give your offer financial teeth.


Get the Ironclad Agreement

It's a numbers game and this comprehensive video training  shows you how to write enough smart and safe offers so you can have a continuous flow of CASH coming in at all times!

If You're Tired of purchasing "Shelf-Help" courses...

that offer no real, actionable blueprint plans as to how to put strategies into motion, you're in luck..

... because this is the one and only video tutorial that will show you how to connect the dots by finding the best deals, writing the slickest contracts, structuring the quickest financing, and exiting with the most money in YOUR pocket!

All of this now for just:

What Others Have Said About Lee's Training Style:


Lee has over 20 years in training thousands of real estate investors 
to profitable and successful outcomes!

From finding to funding to closing, Lee covers each step with precise action steps and instructions. There will be no more guesswork after you watch this in-depth and easy-to-follow presentation! You'll know how to write offers with the right clauses, terms, and addendums so you'll NEVER lose another deal or surrender your earnest money again!  


A Great Reminder

I get inspired by Lee. He reminds me of what I have to do and how to accomplish my goals and dreams. Thank you, Lee!

- Theresa Pasek 


​Clear and Concise Information

This material is presented in a clear, concise, inspirational and motivating manner. Lee's generosity of character and ethical demeanor are evident.

- Carolyn Nichols


​I Feel Like a Beast

I feel like a beast! I did exactly what Lee Arnold told me to do and it works!!                                               

-  Christian Robinson


Real World Information

The training was helpful mostly because it covered the essential elements of real estate investing in a real world manner. Lee guided us in how to think dynamically and adjust to different scenarios.

-  Bill Carr

What You'll Get...

We know you’ve heard it before: “Come to my real estate investing workshop and I will teach you all the ‘secrets’ that I have used to become a multi-millionaire.” They may teach you the "what" but rarely, if ever, do they teach you the when, how, where, and why...

WE DO! In this training you'll get the whole tutorial on how to write the offer!

We'll cover the six things you need to know about the seller to write an offer that will be accepted IMMEDIATELY?

- How long has the seller owned the property?
- Does the seller own other income property?
- What are the seller's plans for the proceeds from the sale?
- Will the seller consider carrying any financing?
- Is the seller easily offended?
- Is the seller willing to negotiate on price and terms?

That's a lot, but what if we could show you how to creatively structure deals around the answers to these questions so...

While you are hanging with friends... Offers are going out.
While you're spending time with your family...Offers are going out.
While you're at the gym...Offers are going out.


And when you get home and open your email,
DEALS are waiting for you!


30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be totally happy with the quality of the information I supply. You have 30 days to ‘road test’ this offer, and if it doesn’t live up to the same high-standards I provide all my clients, or if you decide they’re not for you, simply request a refund.

There is no risk with this amazing offer and the rewards are endless! Learn how to generate the best leads, make profitable option offers, use other people’s money on each and every deal, and keep your deal pipeline fully stocked to maintain a steady and healthy cashflow!


Start Making More Offers Immediately!

& don't miss out on leaving more money in your pocket when you buy
and putting more money in your pocket when you sell!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout                    

Again... with this training, there will be no more guesswork or blind-stabs at every single deal you find. 

​​After this tutorial, you'll be able to cherry-pick the best deals, structure them for fast funding, and implement the best exit strategies to realize the best and highest profits each and every time!