the Rehab Certification Program

Kansas City, MO • Sept 13-16, 2018 • Now Four Days!
Crowne Plaza Kansas City Downtown • 1301 Wyandotte St • Kansas City, Missouri 64105


Attend The Rehab Certification Program!

And Learn How to Become an Certified Rehabber

Master the '4Fs' of Rehabbing and Flipping and Earn 4X the Profits

Experience The '4Fs' of Real Estate Investing You Will Discover :

  1. Finding — Learn from the master of rehabbing using Private Money — Lee Arnold — how to find the very properties that private money lenders crave!
  2. Funding — Use the same step-by-step system that Lee uses to ensure fast funding the first time and every time!
  3. Fixing — Discover the nuances only the REAL PROS use to get the best handymen, and the best materials at rock bottom rates!
  4. Flipping — Imagine having buyers lined up just waiting for you to finish the rehab, or even buying the property from you days after you acquire it and earning cash for nothing!

And Fund Your Flip without Banks!

You know you have the motivation to succeed, you just need a little help and the Money...

If you are struggling to get started as an investor, if you have been investing for awhile and have plateaued, or even if you are a serious, successful investor, you will be amazed at the possibilities that are presented to you. The real estate world is your oyster now, crack it open!

​Spend these four days with Lee and his expert team covering the principles of finding, analyzing, structuring, and funding -- in the field -- and return home raring to go funding and flipping!

​You will leave this field workshop with an expert toolchest of ideas, strategies and techniques so rich and diverse that soon you will be doing rehabs and flips in your sleep!

“I made money when the market was up. I made money when the market was down. It's my turn to show you how. With my can't-miss system and unlimited funding through private money, you will soon be wondering what took you so long.”

Lee Arnold,
CEO of Cogo Capital
and the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

Join Lee in Kansas City, MO
September 13-16, 2018

And hone your skills as a Certified Rehabbing, Funding & Flipping Expert!

When You Attend You Will Learn ...


• How to identify the right property(hint: it isn’t the prettiest house on the street)

• How to procure the best leads on potential flips — (hint: it isn’t the MLS)

• How to structure a 20-minute inspection — at most — to determine a property’s potential and come away 99% assured of the property’s funding potential


• Why you should NEVER use banks to fund investment properties — (hint: it’s most likely a waste of time anyway because banks only want to fund pristine properties)

• How to create a relationship with a private money lender who will actually partner with you

• Why the interest rate charged by private money lenders is really immaterial — (hint: the total interest paid is usually less than conventional banks)


• Do you hire a contractor or do it yourself? Obviously that depends. But you will learn how and when to do both

• The least expensive way to return the most on your investment — (hint: shrubs and paint go a very long way toward increasing curb appeal, new bathtubs, don’t!)

• Planning for the flip by scheduling correctly is the key to avoiding cost overruns


• How to find a buyer before spending your first fix-up dollar

Negotiating with the private money lender at the point you purchase the property by lining up the financing for the buyer, too

Do I really even need to fix prior to flipping — (hint: No! And you can move a lot more properties that way!)

The four days culminates in a day in the field where you actually walk through finding, funding, fixing and flipping with Lee Arnold using the very same methods
he has used to become a real estate millionaire.

Join Lee in Kansas City, MO
September 13-16, 2018

And hone your skills as a Certified Rehabbing, Funding & Flipping Expert!