Lee's Regional

Real Estate Clinic

The Regional Real Estate Clinic is held several times each year in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States.

Learn to invest where you live! One of Lee’s hand-picked protégés — already a successful real estate investor — brings techniques and skills for three days into your area and shows in real time how you and a like-minded small group of students can succeed in real estate investing.

   Learn how to locate, evaluate, and negotiate for properties right in your own community! During this action-packed training, you will learn how to contract and quickly sell properties with little or no money out of pocket for an immediate profit! Learn the secrets the pros use.

Our trainer will teach you:

   • How to identify wholesale properties

   • How to locate owners and negotiate with them

   • Network with other investors

   • How to develop an investor database

   • Closing strategies that work

   • Marketing techniques that the top investors use

   • Exit strategies

   • 30 days to cash, and What to Do Tomorrow!

   This training has been designed to show you how to create cash immediately. Reality-based training coupled with top-notch instruction provides both an eye-opening and energizing experience. If you aspire to be a real estate entrepreneur, the the Lee Arnold Regional Real Estate Clinic is a must.

   Role playing and case studies are two of the major techniques used in the classroom to ensure understanding and retention.

   You will learn how to systematically find, negotiate, control, and apply the appropriate strategies to your investment properties. Learn how to avoid the costly pitfalls that untrained amateurs often encounter.

Join us and enter the Circle of Wealth.

How We Think About Your Success

Real Time Real Estate

Training designed to get you going and keep you going. Because a successful student means a consistent stream of loans from us to you. And that's where we succeed!

Real Certification Testing

Our Private Money Broker Certification Program is not only the nation's first, it is by far the most successful and prestigious private money broker certification out there.

Lifelong support

From answering your questions about pending deals, to walking you through the financing of your investment, whether it is through us, or a competitor, we have your back every step of the way.

Multi-Level Assessments

We don't stop with basic certification either. Offering Senior Broker status, Master Broker status, and Commercial Broker status, we take your training seriously because we know you take your financial well being seriously.

We take great pride in showing you hands-on how you can succeed investing in real estate. Flip, Hold, Borrow, Broker, or Lend private money. Become the ultimate master of the ‘Circle of Wealth,’ — a passive investor.

Lee Arnold

What is the “Circle of Wealth?”

We get more of what we want by helping others get more of what they want!

Secured Investment Corp Mission Statement

It’s the center of everything we do, everything we teach and everything we want for our customers, our students, our financial clients, and our investors.

Enter the “Circle” anywhere. Enter it as a “newbie” real estate investor, or enter it as an experienced one. You can enter as a borrower or a lender, or even an Internet marketer. One of our most popular entry points is as an Independent Certified Private Money Broker.

For real estate investors, we have the Nationwide Funding Tour -- the event that starts it all. There you are exposed to the encompassing nature of what we do. But, we provide a lot more, and this guide is designed to explain to you how we can get you traveling along the ‘Circle of Wealth.’

We are a training company for real estate investors, independent private money brokers, marketers, and entrepreneurs in general. We provide borrowers with access to private capital for investing in real estate through Cogo Capital, our wholly owned lending division. We provide ways for people to make money at home simply by connecting borrowers with lenders, and services to cater to more sophisticated investors’ borrowing needs. And for those accredited investors who have mastered the ‘Circle of Wealth,’ we manage a portfolio of funds that also provide money to real estate investors.

It’s the ‘Circle of Wealth.’ It’s what we do!

And, after you reach your financial goals, you become a passive investor, lending your earnings to others and completing the Circle of Wealth.

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