3-day PRIVATE MONEY BROKER One-on-One Mentor



3-day one-on-one mentorships are held throughout the United States in your market, the mentor’s market, or the market of your choice.

“This is one of the best trainings I have ever attended. I feel like I have been equipped with the tools and knowledge to go out and begin my real estate investment career. The sky's the limit! Thanks Lee & team!!”

Right at your chosen location! As a Mentored Broker, you spend three days working the business — marketing, telephone work, analyzing loan applications and loan files, determining the best lenders, and walking through the loan closing process.


  • Who are the best lenders to refer loan packages to — residential, commercial, land?
  • Do you have a business plan? Does it follow the ‘Rule of 54’? How to incorporate the ‘Rule of 54’ in everything you do.
  • Is your business presentation professional? What is a marketing plan? And how do I make sure I develop and follow it correctly?
  • Working the phones — the essence of a business is communication. Your phone system is the basis for success.
  • Technology and the Private Money Broker — you have to pay attention to it, but don’t let it take over your life. CRMs (Customer Relationship Management software), email and internet presence.
  • Creating the package correctly, the first time, to close the fastest for the highest commissions.
  • Converting leads to loan applications to closed loans -- the sales process. We know you might not be a born salesperson, but understanding the basics is the key to followup, loan closing and referral business.
Gary Myers — VP of Broker Development

Tuition Reimbursement Criteria: Upon completion of 14 Brokered Real Estate loans with COGO Capital in which you are not a guarantor, within a period of one year that starts on the day after your 4-day Master Broker Training is completed and ends on the 366th day thereafter, and you have submitted the follow items to the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing, you will then be eligible to have your initial investment for the training reimbursed.

-Photos of all 14 profit checks.

-Written and video recorded testimonials of the role COGO Capital and The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing played in your success.

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