3-day PRIVATE MONEY BROKER One-on-One Mentor



3-day one-on-one mentorships are held throughout the United States in your market, the mentor’s market, or the market of your choice.

“This is one of the best trainings I have ever attended. I feel like I have been equipped with the tools and knowledge to go out and begin my real estate investment career. The sky's the limit! Thanks Lee & team!!”

Right at your chosen location! As a Mentored Broker, you spend three days working the business — marketing, telephone work, analyzing loan applications and loan files, determining the best lenders, and walking through the loan closing process.


  • Who are the best lenders to refer loan packages to — residential, commercial, land?
  • Do you have a business plan? Does it follow the ‘Rule of 54’? How to incorporate the ‘Rule of 54’ in everything you do.
  • Is your business presentation professional? What is a marketing plan? And how do I make sure I develop and follow it correctly?
  • Working the phones — the essence of a business is communication. Your phone system is the basis for success.
  • Technology and the Private Money Broker — you have to pay attention to it, but don’t let it take over your life. CRMs (Customer Relationship Management software), email and internet presence.
  • Creating the package correctly, the first time, to close the fastest for the highest commissions.
  • Converting leads to loan applications to closed loans -- the sales process. We know you might not be a born salesperson, but understanding the basics is the key to followup, loan closing and referral business.
Gary Myers — VP of Broker Development

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