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Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing has created an opportunity for a scholarship for our Certification courses. The criteria to qualify for the scholarship is as follows:

1.  Must demonstrate a financial need (a full explanation of your hardship)

2.  What can you afford to invest in your education? 

3.  Explanation of any previous Real Estate Training or Experience

4.  Full List of all Real Estate currently owned

5.  Essay regarding your intent and goals for putting into practice the systems taught in this course.  This essay should express your passion for the field of the certification you are applying for, professional accomplishments, and a description of how a Lee Arnold System Scholarship will support your career goals.

6.  Scholarship Application must be completed.

7.   Include a letter of reference from a professional source and a character reference.

8.  Outline a 90 day action plan post certification.

9.  Who is your accountability partner (list their name and contact information)?  How will they hold you accountable to working your plan?  Create a calendar plan for accountability check-ins; what are your KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), these are indicators or benchmarks to keep you moving forward in your business.  For example:  How many calls you make per day, how many ads you will place…).  

Final Recipient Section: