CEO Fireside Chats

What Are The CEO Fireside Chats?

These success-building, all content trainings help you overcome common obstacles and enhance your business acumen for further growth and development.

And now they are available to you via immediate electronic delivery!

So grab a training today and enjoy the abundance of information right at your fingertips.​

Stack the File
for Fast Funding


Learn what a file looks like and the necessary documents that complete a file for private funding.

Creating Your
Dream Team


Learn to find the people that, on a daily basis, will help you successfully buy, fix, flip, and sell real estate for a profit.

The Launching Point:
Where Does Success Begin?


Get the number one secret behind Lee Arnold’s most successful students without shelling out a single dime.

The Circle of Wealth
All Stars


Regardless of where you live in the country, of your educational or financial background, your credit score, or your credit history, Lee Arnold can teach you how to successfully invest in real estate and become a Circle of Wealth All Star!

Project Management:
Plan, Execute, Check and Close the Deal


Lee Arnold believes that there is nothing better than getting a project completed on time, on budget, and on the market when you originally planned so that you can experience bigger profits faster.

Making it to the Top: Thinking and Acting
Like the CEO


As the CEO of your own company, it is your responsibility to set goals, plans, strategies, quarterly bench marks, and KPIs (key performance indicators) that you are going to hold yourself, your staff, your contractors, your suppliers, your material men, your agents, and your title people to.

How to Make $180,000+ in 90 Days Using None of Your Own Money


How to get into a place where you also believe you can make $180,000+ in 90 days and will actually pull the trigger and do it!

Control the Deal
On All Sides to Get Paid in More Ways


Do you want to get paid more, more often? The answer is obvious, yes, of course! So let me ask you it this way. Are you ready to do what’s hard now in order to make life easier later and to make more money more often? Is the answer still yes?

How to Achieve
True Wealth


How important it is for you, as a real estate investor, note investor, or professional entrepreneur to generate, identify, and procure your own lender relationships.

Finding Your Niche
Turning Your Passion into Profits


Ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal and that everyone knows what the other departments are trying to accomplish. In doing so, you avoid stepping on top of each other or overlapping tasks.

How to Achieve
100% Financing and the Eight Tricks of the Trade


In real estate, deal structuring refers to the process by which real estate investors arrange and rearrange the financing terms of a property purchase so that both the buyer and seller walk away satisfied.

Closing the Deal:
Getting From the Offer to the Closing Table Fast


Learn how to take it from the offer stage to the closing stage to the getting paid stage. Because if you don’t get paid, you can’t continue to participate in this business.