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Master Reverse REO Certification trainings are held virtually via livestream.

“Extremely glad my wife and I came. It was everything we wanted and more. Getting in on the ground floor of this subject is the reason we did this. Lee is a great teacher with the integrity that we need to partner with.”
Neil Petersen

ReverseREO™: The New Secret System to Finding Hidden, Off-Market Deals



Getting your first deal done is always the hardest challenge in real estate (especially when you’re implementing a new strategy). Taking that first leap can be scary, and no one likes the thought of potentially losing money, right?

What if we erased that challenge?

What if you didn’t have to worry about the downside and could participate in the upside?

In the ReverseREO Master Class, we’ll do your first deal with you.

You’ll be a part of the loan process (see how it’s done), put no money in, but participate in the profit, and get ongoing updates, pictures, and videos of the deal in motion. YOU’LL SEE IT ALL!

This is important because when you complete FOUR (4) deals within ONE (1) year FOLLOWING THE MASTER WORKSHOP, you’ll receive a reimbursement of your tuition. Just provide pictures of yourself, the Properties, and the profit checks, and we’ll reimburse your investment into the course. To Top it Off, Our Deal Together During the Master Class Counts Toward the 4!


Unlock access to ReverseREO properties! See how to evaluate, and break down any deal, anywhere. Bid on Deals with Lee! See how the master works the deal and negotiates with the lender. Even participate on the profit with Lee! Rent it before you own it! See how to do the bare minimum to get the property cash flowing before you ever own it. Choose the Best Exit Strategies! Learn when and how to wholesale, wholetail, retail or cashflow for maximum ROI.

Tuition Reimbursement Criteria: Upon Completion of 4 Real Estate investment deals (One of which you may partner with Lee Arnold from the training), that are funded through COGO Capital in good standing (all payments on time and paid off), within a period of one year that starts on the day after your 4-Day Master Reverse REO Specialist Training is completed and ends on the 366th day there-after, and you have submitted the following items to the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing, you will then be eligible to have your initial investment for the training:


    • Before and after photos of the properties;

    • Photos of checks received and HUD statements for sales of all 4 properties;

    • Written and video recorded testimonials of the roll COGO Capital and The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing played in your success.


Cogo Capital Borrowing Benefit: Graduates of Reverse REO training qualify for 100% financing (including purchase price, rehab costs, and closing costs) for purchasing non-owner-occupied properties. This benefit applies to up to four (4) properties at a time which are purchased for less than or equal to 70% of the ARV (After Repaired Value) of the property. All other criteria for borrowing from Cogo Capital applies.

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