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Reverse REO Certification trainings are held virtually via livestream.

“Extremely glad my wife and I came. It was everything we wanted and more. Getting in on the ground floor of this subject is the reason we did this. Lee is a great teacher with the integrity that we need to partner with.”
Neil Petersen

ReverseREO™: The New Secret System to Finding Hidden, Off-Market Deals


Today, You Can Win Like Wall Street!

Unlock access to ReverseREO properties! (Deeply discounted properties not available to the general public or on any list whatsoever). Control and make money on the property without actually owning the property  Do this part-time and without using any of your own cash or credit. We show you each step of the simple process in today’s training. Do this from home (arm-chair investing) and make money controlling deals without owning deals. Create a secondary income. Don’t leave your earnings in the hands of others.
ReverseREO™ Certification Includes: Bonus #1: See Me Negotiate & Purchase Real Deals Bonus #2: Go Over Real-World Case Studies Bonus #3: Meet Our Insider Expert Bonus #4: Learn How to Make Fees as a ReverseREO™ Birddog Bonus #5: Partner With Me on Deals (Never Offered at a Certification Before! You Have to Attend to Participate!)

Tuition Reimbursement Criteria: When You Buy and Exit Your First ReverseREO™ Deal in the Next 12 Months, Send Me Pictures, a Testimonial, and a Copy of Your Profit Check & You’ll Get Today’s ENTIRE Investment Back! Ask your Business Development Consultant for more details.