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3-day REAL ESTATE One-on-One Mentor



3-day one-on-one mentorships are held in regional locations throughout the United States in your market, the mentor’s market, or the market of your choice.

“Since my training I have in one year at age 74 purchased six houses to fix and flip. The final one will be finished this week and listed on the MLS. Am I proud of myself? You bet I am!”
Shelia Wakeman

During these 3 days you will cover everything from getting to know your market to understanding your competition; from making offers to closing deals. Each one-on-one trainer is personally chosen because of his or her knowledge and in-the-trenches experience.


The Lee Arnold 3-Day Mentorship is tailor-made for your individual investment needs and includes the following:

Tuition Reimbursement Criteria: Upon the completion of 6 Real Estate deals, that are funded through COGO Capital in good standing (all payments on time and paid off), within a period of one year that starts on the day after your 3-Day Mentorship is completed, and ends on the 366th day thereafter, and you have submitted the follow items to the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing, you will then be eligible to have your initial investment for the training reimbursed.

-Before and after photos of the properties

-Photos of checks received and HUD statements for sales of all 6 properties,

-Written and video recorded testimonials of the roll COGO Capital and The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing played in your success.

Cogo Capital Borrowing Benefit: Graduates of the complete 3-day Real Estate Mentorship training qualify for 100% financing (including purchase price, rehab costs, and closing costs) for purchasing non-owner occupied properties. This benefit applies to up to four (4) properties at a time which are purchased for less than or equal to 70% of the ARV (After Repaired Value) of the property. All other criteria for borrowing from Cogo Capital applies.

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