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A Day At The Auction trainings are held on periodic Fridays throughout the year in and around Spokane, WA.

“This has been the most rewarding Real Estate workshop ever. I praise the faith-based segment first of all. You have orchestrated the most effective program. Most of all the knowledge we received is immeasurable. Thank you for the opportunity , because of your system, I have hope for rebuilding my retirement. This is a dream come true”
Mary Anne Johnson

As a successful investor, Lee uses all the tools at his disposal in building his investing business. Each Friday, he attends the Spokane County auction where he competes with other investors bidding on investment properties at the courthouse. A long, hands-on, working day. 

What is the Auction Experience?

  • Participate in a full day of training with the Lee Arnold team, complete with student book and resource materials.
  • Learn:
  • How to create the auction list
  • How to research and track auction properties.
  • How to monetize the auction list 4 different ways, three of which do NOT require any money upfront out of pocket!
  • Conduct walk through inspections of vacant auction properties.
  • Drive auction properties to discover how to evaluate the properties live on the spot.
  • Conduct walk through inspections of vacant auction properties.
  • Learn how to tell if it is a good deal worth pursuing or a bad deal you need to run from.
  • Learn quick and easy strategies to calculate your rehab costs.
  • Discover the power of knowing the criers and having them on speed dial.
  • Learn how to calculate your Maximum Allowable Bid so that you will always know a good deal from a bad deal.
  • Attend the Spokane County auction and witness the biding process first hand.  You may even be able to bid on properties yourself under the guidance of the Lee Arnold team!
  • Find out what it means to spike and chill a bid along with other strategies to always be a winner.
  • And so much more…

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