The Next Certified MASTER SHORT SALE Certification Training will be held in Spokane, WA • Nov 12 – Nov 14

Certified MASTER SHORT SALE with Lee Arnold



Brand-New Master Program offered for the first time, still in Beta! ONLY 20 ATTENDEES ACCEPTED!
“I liked being able to reinforce some of my existing beliefs about this business and adding new information and methods to increase income. Easy, quick, lower profit flips can make for significant income annually”
Michael Ramage

Preparing for the inevitable
As certain as we are that real estate prices rise, they also fall. It’s a continuous cycle. There’s a run up in prices, higher prices create economic pressure, the price trend cannot continue so a bubble is created. Then it bursts. Prices tumble, homeowners owe more than the home is worth, and homes stop selling.

At Lee Arnold’s Master-level Short Sale training you will learn how to navigate what can be the most profitable type cycle in real estate. Remember, real estate investors don’t make money when they sell a property; the money is made at the time a property is purchased.

This critical, go-to strategy is one every investor needs in his or her toolbox. Learn how to best implement it from the nationally recognized expert in short sales, Lee Arnold!


  • How to negotiate and create a win-win scenario for both the buyer and the seller. Meet with homeowners live! Participate in real-time negotiations
  • How to pull the list – Lee’s buyer’s agents will walk you through the process of pulling the Pre-foreclosure list
  • What is Farming an Area? Actively market in our Spokane area – do it here so you can do it back home
  • Negotiate with banks and participate in live submissions to active lien holders, learning the documents and process needed to get your offers accepted
  • How to profit from the pre-foreclosure list when a short sale is not a viable option
  • How to package the short sale and see how to speed up the short sale process
  • Visit properties that have been acquired by the Short Sale strategy and witness first hand multiple ways to turn the fruits of your labor into loads of cash
  • To gain access to “Friends and Family Funding” to help you close deals faster with OPM
  • To Experience marketing to the list including mail pieces to send and phone scripts.
  • Meet with Homeowners live! Participate in real-time negotiations with.

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