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Lien Abatement Specialist Certification trainings are held virtually via livestream.

“Extremely glad my wife and I came. It was everything we wanted and more. Getting in on the ground floor of this subject is the reason we did this. Lee is a great teacher with the integrity that we need to partner with.”
Neil Petersen

Zombie Properties! You’ve seen them — the decrepit, abandoned, or nuisance homes that create an eyesore and run down the neighborhood’s property values. Governments and government agencies also dislike them and are eager to return them to the tax rolls.

This overlooked and little known investment acquisition strategy can result in a windfall for you and a better quality of life for the neighborhood in which the strategy is deployed.

Learn the secrets to securing the right to turn garbage into gold by following this strategy and becoming a Certified Lien Abatement Specialist.

Properties for Cents on the Dollar
Whether the properties are currently occupied or have been abandoned, in a vast majority of the cases decrepit and dilapidated properties are there for the asking. These properties don’t end up in the condition they are in because the owners have a lot of interest in them. In fact, the owner is probably behind on the taxes, the mortgage payment, and has ignored code enforcement notices demanding clean up.

They look terrible. The property has no upkeep: there might be a vehicle on blocks or a couch or an abandoned refrigerator randomly scattered around the yard. The grounds are unkempt and the doors and windows may even be boarded.

Neighbors hate the properties. They bring down the property values of every neighbor’s home. The city hates them. Not only is the owner probably behind on taxes, but because the entire neighborhood’s taxable value is lower than it should be, less money comes into the city coffers to fund city services than would come in if the property was up to code.

Learn how to partner with governmental agencies and return zombie properties to performing, conforming real estate to the benefit of the neighborhood — and reap the profits!

Remember, when you, as a Master Lien Abatement Specialist, complete 4 lien abatement deals funded through Cogo Capital within 1 year of training, you qualify for reimbursement of your tuition, as long as you submit before and after pictures of each project, your personal story about the project and pictures of your profit checks.

Tuition Reimbursement Criteria: Upon successfully passing the Lien Abatement Specialist Certification exam you qualify to be reimbursed up to the tuition you paid for the first lien abated property funded through Cogo Capital, within the first 90 days of becoming certified.

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