The Next Master Private Money Broker Training will be held in Coeur d’Alene, ID • September 20 through September 23




Master Private Money Broker Certifications are held periodically at our Coeur d’Alene, ID training headquarters.

“The content was delivered professionally and in a manner that allowed you to learn the material and be able to apply it as soon as you left the class. You can tell that the people in this system really do care about your success!!!”
Keith Nix
Becoming a certified Master Broker is a result of (1) attending and passing the Independent Private Money Broker Certification test, held at our basic certification training, and (2) attending and graduating from the Master Broker certification training.
  • Begin development of your success plan as a Private Money Broker. Review your current marketing plan
  • Tear out what’s not working, focus on what is, and implement a whole new set of approaches that will attract the affluent and keep them coming back for more
  • Teach you how to position, posture, and communicate yourself as a leader and expert in your industry
  • Find out how to manage your Leads and Opportunities • Learn how to assemble the “Perfect Loan File”


  • Professional portrait taken for your internet landing page
  • Loan Officer Training on Steroids
  • Package Submission from A to Z • How to spot fraud & How to submit clean packages every time • Loan submission into processing & Loan submission into underwriting • Collecting final conditions for submittal to the Funding Department
  • Participate in a loan stacking activity to create the Perfect Loan File! • Practice evaluating deals using the Estimated Loan Cost Worksheet
  • Meet your personal Loan Officer!


  • Set up the marketing day-to-day operations • CRM Set Up • Website development & Email Set Up • Create initial marketing emails • Create Auto-responders • Crash Course in Copy Writing • Social Media Set Up


  • Professional video recording for your internet landing page. • Understanding the Funding Process
  • Building ongoing reputational capital with Lenders • Drafting Lending Docs, Wiring and Funding Process • The Loan Servicing Process • Yield Spread (Monthly payouts) • Loan Payout and Redeployment
  • Dialing for Dollars Training with our Business Development Consultants
  • Strategic tips to handle objections and questions
  • Learn how to position the close at the start of the call
  • Setting expectations for ongoing relationship management
  • Graduation dinner with COGO staff

From our most recent
Master Broker Training

Tuition Reimbursement Criteria: Upon completion of 12 Brokered Real Estate loans with COGO Capital in which
you are not a guarantor, within a period of one year that starts on the day after your 4-day Master Broker Training is
completed and ends on the 366th day thereafter, and you have submitted the follow items to the Lee Arnold System
of Real Estate Investing, you will then be eligible to have your initial investment for the training reimbursed.

-Photos of all 12 profit checks.

-Written and video recorded testimonials of the role COGO Capital and The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate
Investing played in your success.

Cogo Capital Brokering Benefit: Graduates of Master Broker training share the points charged at closing when
working with Cogo Capital funded private money loans.

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