The Next Master Wholetail Certification Training will be held in Spokane, WA • September 20 through September 23




Master Wholetailing trainings are held periodically at our Coeur d’Alene, ID headquarters.

We told you this was coming! An ALL NEW real estate investing innovation! “Working the Wholetail” The trainees run through a potential wholetail investment process with Lee Arnold, Cogo Capital Project Superintendent Ron Brown, Staging Expert Michelle Eyraud Mendez, and Acquisition Specialist Zack Wright.

What is Wholetailing?
It’s a combination strategy that utilizes the best of the wholesaling strategy and the retailing strategy. You will learn how to make extreme profits finding ‘almost salable’ properties, buying them at steep discounts, slapping some lipstick on them, and selling them on the retail market. Sounds great, right? Well, read on…


  • How to locate the most appealing properties.
  • Techniques to partner with existing homeowners struggling to sell their home.
  • The best way to contract with the seller for win-win situations sellers cannot resist!
  • What are the absolute necessities to make an otherwise 'drab property' retail ready.
  • How much to spend and how long to market
  • Onsite, hands-on experience at a property
  • What happens when you encounter unplanned setbacks, and how to quickly and profitably recover
  • Where to find buyers
  • Working with real estate agents
  • Staging the property and slapping on some last minute lipstick

Acquiring + Quick & Inexpensive Rehab + Staging = Quick Profits

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