Lease Options

Lease Options were one of the first strategies that I utilized when I was first getting started in real estate. Some of you are familiar with my story of working at a grocery store, where I was making about $3.90 an hour while putting myself through community college. I did not have an extra penny to […]

Weasel Clauses

Some call them escape plans, others call them “weasel clauses”. Contingencies are conditions which must be met if a contract is to be performed.  Contingencies that suspend the contract until certain events occur are known as suspensive conditions.  Contingencies that cancel the contract if a certain event occurs are known as resolutive conditions.

Avenues Toward Wealth

  The first step in determining which real estate path is right for you is establishing your goals. How much do you want to make and how quickly? How much networking do you want to do? What kind of networking are you interested in? Do you see project management as one of your skillsets? Or perhaps, […]

Structure The Deal

Now that we have developed our investment criteria, the next thing we need to do is structure the deal. We first do this by formulating and delivering the offer. Then we negotiate with a seller, get the offer accepted, and then we determine the best exit strategy. What is your exit strategy? Could there be more […]

Our Team Invests Too!!!

It is important that our clients know that not only is Lee Arnold a real estate investor himself, but our team here at Cogo Capital and The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate investing also deals. Today, we had one of our Business Development Consultants close on his first deal. I took a minute of […]

What is Wholesaling?

It’s when a wholesaler puts a property, normally distressed, under contract and assigns or resells the property to another investor. The end buyer investor uses cash, lines of credit or hard money loans to close on the transaction, which allows for quick closing on properties that sometimes need repair. Here’s what’s really great about wholesaling. […]

Meet the Loan Processor

Yesterday, we talked to Bill Koder about how to ensure that the borrower and the broker do their part to make sure that loans close quickly. They key was organization and timely delivery of the necessary documents. Today, let’s take a look at what “loan processors” do seeing that they’re also key to getting your […]