The Exciting World of Private Money Brokering for Real Estate Investing

Are you curious about a fascinating career in real estate investing? Look no further than private money brokering! In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of private money brokering at a basic level. Get ready to discover a world of opportunities in the real estate industry! What is Private Money Brokering? Private […]

Have We Been Looking at it All Wrong?

Have We Been Looking at it All Wrong? Is “Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone” Overrated?   If you’re under the impression that you’ll have to crawl through a grueling parade of discomfort just to taste the smallest victory, you may have taken some well-intentioned advice too literally. “Push yourself beyond your comfort zone” is a […]

Don’t Make This Mistake (with Your Proof of Funds Letter)

If you’re crunching the numbers, making consistent offers that are at your MAO (maximum allowed offer), and you’re coming up bust, you may be making the #1 mistake with your Proof of Funds Letter. But before I tell you what the #1 mistake is, let’s talk about REJECTION. Having your offer rejected is common. In […]