Spring Clean Your Life

Tis the season to get the dirt out. And I’m not just talking about cleaning out the cupboards. Spring is all about a renewal and resurgence in the desire to take a giant leap forward in your personal and professional life. To do this, you need to dust the cobwebs off of your New Year’s […]

Ultimate Guide To Funding; Part 2

Ultimate Guide To Funding Part 2 We’re talking about funding! Whether you’re a seasoned investor or you’re looking for your first deal, understanding your private money loads is fundamental for to your success. We don’t want you to do anything that would jeopardize your deals when you are flipping houses for profit, and understanding your […]

Be Bold

  I love what I do. I love being bold in real estate investing. I love being an expert in my field, I love profiting from dozens of successful flips every year. I love teaching others to do it, and I absolutely LOVE watching our list of success stories grow! Like I said, I love […]

Respecting the Motion of Money

Get in the Flow Making Your Money Work for You   There’s a preconceived notion about money that too often takes people from payout to broke in no time flat. If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, you’re not operating in the velocity of money. And even if you’ve done a successful property flip, wholesale deal, or broker […]