The Hands-Off Wholesaling Certification Training is coming to Chicago, Illinois • September 20 through September 23 ENROLL NOW!

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Certified Wholesale Specialist Program



Certified Wholesaler Specialist trainings are held via livestream in regional locations across the US!

"I found the answer to many roadblocks, keeping me on the wrong footing of the deal. The art of controlling the process from beginning to end is invaluable. Being able to confidently write good offers and then to assign them breaks down the barriers I set up against myself through lack of knowledge.”
Richard Scott Craven

Become Certified as a Hands-Off Wholesaler and learn how to earn in multiple markets nationwide!

Every industry has to adapt and evolve with the changing markets and real estate is no different. At the Hands-Off Wholesale Certification, we show you the tools that can instantaneously connect you with many markets, expanding your reach nationwide!

Hands-Off Wholesaling is mainly conducted through electronic means. The process can be amazingly simple, using smart phones and email, electronic document signing, Dealio.Pro and SendFuse, as well as networking online with local contractors.

Using our methods and tools, deals can be run, from start to finish, without any of the parties being in the same zip code!

With the increase of people working from home, it is easier than ever before to make money in the virtual wholesaling world. We'll show you how!

Tuition Reimbursement Criteria: Upon the completion of a minimum of one (1) Real Estate Wholesale deals (with purchase and sale contract date and closing date between the day after attending the Live streamed Hands-off Wholesale Certification event and 30 days after attending the Wholesale Certification event) where the net profit for the transaction is a minimum of $5,000.00 US Dollars, as evidenced through contracts, closing documents, statements, and checks, you will then be eligible to have your initial investment for this specific training (not to exceed the investment made in the Hands-off Wholesale Certification training) reimbursed upon the submission of the following items to the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing: Photos of the properties. Photos of checks received and statements for sales of the property. Written and video recorded testimonials The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing played in your success.

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