Our mission is to educate, train, and provide access to relationships and products that help individuals to achieve financial freedom through real estate. Lee Arnold System is a powerful way for you to start investing your way to monumental wealth in the shortest time possible.

The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing provides focused training that covers all aspects of real estate business.


 Training available:

  • Fix and flip real estate investing (all different levels)
  • Broker certification

LAS has several monthly nationwide events ranging from teaching people how to fix and flip, become highly successful brokers to connecting private money lenders with niche market investment opportunities.


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The Lee Arnold System Team

Message From Lee

Regardless of where you are in your investing career right now, I can guarantee you that I’ve been there.

It all began with two life-altering moments in my life that set me on the millionaire trajectory. Both happened when I was in my early 20s.

lee arnoldLike most self-made millionaires, I began at the bottom of the financial food-chain. My humble beginnings started as a bag boy at a local grocery chain in Spokane, Washington working for $3.90 per hour. My first “aha moment” happened while I was aspiring to a management role at the store and was reading the life-changing book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Suddenly my management aspirations looked very small, but my future possibilities became extremely big.

My second “aha moment” happened while I was sitting in a philosophy 101 course in college. My attention span was divided between the slow ticking of the clock and my professor’s long winded discussion on the economy. While the minutes ticked by, he let it slip that he was making only $45k a year. That information and the knowledge I gained from Kiyosaki’s book, made me realize I was on the wrong path to success and needed to make some very important changes fast. From those experiences and an influential nudge from an incredibly persuasive late-night infomercial, I went into real estate.

I began the way many people do—in the educational and training space. Like many, I went to real estate seminar after seminar and bought course after course. Through long years of trial and error, I built up a very profitable, million-dollar real estate business from the ground up. I’m proof-positive that the training system can and does work!

Because of this, I created The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing to teach clients how to translate workbook education and real estate theory into the real world of real estate investment success.

However, after years of teaching and mentoring around the nation, I found that education doesn’t mean a lick, if the person being taught doesn’t have the capital to put their knowledge into genuine action. I already had access to capital, but my students didn’t.

So, I took the challenge and created Cogo Capital®, where real estate investors could go for unlimited funds for their non-owner occupied investments. Since then, I have been involved in over 1 Billion Dollars-worth of real estate deals with clients.

While the progression seemed natural, we were missing one, very large and essential piece of the pie. The marketplace was teeming with people who had the funds, who aspired to make higher returns on their invested dollar, but lacked the desire to get involved in real estate at the ground level.

In light of this opportunity came Secured Investment Corp, which gave people the training they needed to safely lend on first trust liens (real estate), and make higher returns than they were currently seeing in their stock market, bank CDs, or bond investments.

As we combined all these facets—training, funding, and the education to lend on real property—we began to notice a progressing trend of growth and success with the clients involved.

Through this model, what we call “The Circle of Wealth,” we noticed that people who entered in at the training level and borrowed funds for their real estate investments, eventually became lenders in their own right. They then helped others obtain the capital needed to grow their real estate portfolios.

This allowed everyone, on every side, to succeed.

Learn about The Circle of Wealth and our investment in you, here.