Are You on the Bus?

  Did you attend my CEO fireside on Monday?   Pop quiz: What did we talk about?   Well…it’s a question with many answers (lowering your credit card interest and raising the limits, leveraging your financial situation to position yourself for better rates, and much more…)   But what event did we discuss?   Funding Tours. …

Edge and Opportunity in Lien Abatement

If you attended Monday’s CEO Fireside (or the replay on Thursday), you know that we’re launching a new Lien Abatement program to teach you how to jump into one of the most beneficial forms of investing that exist (that no one knows about yet!). Let’s review the basics, especially for those who didn’t catch the…


procrastinationAction Cop-Outs

This is doing something that isn’t a priority. Examples: watching TV, eating, playing, sleeping, or even cleaning. Once we are engrossed in the diversion, we block out the anxiety, self-doubts, anger, or boredom associated with the work we are putting off but should be doing.

Mental Excuses, There are three main types: