“We’ve all watched the TV shows where a house with a sagging roof, backed-up plumbing, broken windows and a pool full of alligators is purchased for nothing, and then magically turned into a beautiful rancher that’s bought for a lot by an equally beautiful family – in an hour. It’s called ‘flipping,’ and it rarely […]

Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are essentially miniature billboards, you love them or you hate them. The corrugated plastic signs on the side of the road advertising “we buy houses” or “I buy houses,” these do actually work. Now the average person needs to see your message five mes before they respond. So don’t get frustrated if you […]

The Three-Tiered Offer

Make sure that you’re getting down to business in any transaction by asking these questions. “If I pay you all cash and close quickly, what’s the least you would accept?” And that’s always followed by, “Is that the best you can do?” Now, if you’re not using these words to get to the bottom line […]