The Wholetail Certification Training is coming to Chicago, Illinois • September 20 through September 23 ENROLL NOW!




Wholetailing Specialist Certification trainings are held in regional locations throughout the United States.

“There was no part of anything we learned here that just wasn't over the top! ...All I can say is wow. We walk into this house when it was a mess and now the house is ready to be sold.”
Audrey Turner
Wholetailing is a strategy midway between wholesaling and retail sales. Scores of properties exist in every area where the homeowner wants to sell but because of the property condition, the homeowner can’t get the value the property should bring.

That’s where your newly acquired expertise comes in…

You have seen them everywhere. Nice homes that with just a little bit of TLC can be transformed into a very salable property! Right?

Lee Arnold has always had the penchant for finding these diamonds in the rough. Now he shows you how to spot them, negotiate and help the homeowner maximize their sale, all the while earning quick income and never owning the property!

It’s the best of both worlds!

You earn money, sharpen your rehab skills, and never take ownership!

Partner and profit!
Learn how to partner with homeowners, contractors and other real estate investors to make big cash profits with minimal effort and expense.

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