3 Proven Ways to Go Broke Flipping Houses

“We get more of what we want by helping you get more of what you want.” ~ Our Motto Let’s be real; if flipping a house was as easy as it looks on TV, as lucrative as all the success stories you see circulating on our blogs and at our events, then everyone would be…

The KEY to Success

Do this ONE thing, and you WILL be successful! Successful people have one thing in common.   It isn’t background; it isn’t privilege; it isn’t demographic. When you’re struggling in life, success can feel like a giant mystery. You start looking for it in any possible place, and sometimes in the wrong things altogether. But…

Are You on the Bus?

  Did you attend my CEO fireside on Monday?   Pop quiz: What did we talk about?   Well…it’s a question with many answers (lowering your credit card interest and raising the limits, leveraging your financial situation to position yourself for better rates, and much more…)   But what event did we discuss?   Funding Tours. …

9 Things You Need To Know Before Flipping Your First House

The idea of fix and flip is awesome, right? Find an awesome deal, spend a little bit of time and effort to fix it up (you like projects, anyway) and “Whammo!” 3 months later you’re sitting pretty with an extra $25k in the bank ready to do it all over again.

There’s the tv portrayal… and then there’s actually getting started. There’s something to getting started “knowing what you’re doing.” There are ways to avoid LOSING money or even (in some cases) SPENDING money to complete your first fix and flip project.
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Here are the Top 9 Things You Need To Know Before You Flip Your First House.