A Year in Review

Wow.   2017 was amazing!   Here at the offices of the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate, we relocated into a larger building, broke company records, ushered so many amazing people into our world from all over the country, helped thousands of people, opened a new area of study (the Master Lien Abatement Course), […]

Owner Financing

This is the most common way to get a hundred percent financing. This is where the current owner agrees to finance all or some of the purchase price. If it’s just some, you can get the remaining amount from Cogo Capital or another local private lender in your market. If you have the financial or […]

Why do people borrow private money?

While institutional lenders are very picky about the borrower and the property, private money lenders look at the appraised value, the borrower’s experience; not credit, the equity in the property, and the exit strategy. All conventional banks are going to underwrite you as a borrower. Private money lenders underwrite the deal for the collateral or […]